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What is A Workers Comp Wage Statement – critical part of claim

Term Of The Day – Wage Statement A wage statement is a necessary yet tedious part of paying a WC claim properly.  The injured employee’s compensation rate is based on this integral part of processing a WC claim.  It is usually filed by the employer. Each state has its own special

Workers Comp Medical bill fee schedule Nonexistent In Few States

Corrected on States Without Workers Comp Medical Bill Fee Schedules The States of Virginia Workers Comp Medical Bill Fee Schedules does not exist.  A few weeks ago, I posted a blog on the States that have no medical fee schedules. I stand corrected as I left Virginia out as a

Workers Compensation Medical Fee Schedules – Not In These States

Workers Compensation Medical Fee Schedules Workers Compensation medical fee schedules do cut comp costs. After my last post, I received the question – Which states still do not have a fee schedule for their Workers Comp medical bills? After some research, I found out that there were now only five

Why Are Loss Runs Needed As Part Of Your Workers Comp Audits?

Loss Runs – Important Part Of Claim and Premium Audits We receive questions on loss runs often when we are obtaining the materials that we need to do the Workers Comp premium audits/reviews for employers. We also like to go more in-depth than the insurance company’s auditor. The reason that



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