Workers Comp Premium Auditor Does Not Know My Final Bill Amount?

Workers Comp Premium Auditor Billing Question From LinkedIn  Recently, one of our devout employer article readers posed a workers comp premium auditor question to me through LinkedIn.  By the way, my LinkedIn profile is located here.   You can follow me on LinkedIn for posts and newsletter updates.  The LinkedIn reader

Is Social Security Disability Affected by WC?

Social Security Disability Does Workers Compensation have an effect on Social Security Disability?  More precisely, do Social Security Disability applications increase when WC payments decrease? This was pointed out in the Work Comp Analysis group on LinkedIn today.  In reading over the study, I was at first very skeptical. The

Top Five Most Popular Workers Comp Articles For 2011

Most Popular Workers Comp Articles For 2011 As this is the first of the year, I decided to post links to our five most popular workers comp articles for 2011 judging from the traffic on the web pages and the newsletter.    We use Blogger for our web stats.  The



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