Best Workers Comp Policy and Audit Review Tool

Best Workers Comp Policy And Audit Tool Inexpensive One of the best Workers Comp policy and audit review tools is not some type of overly expensive software or app.    The use of a highlighter and a print out of your complete Workers Comp policy will work wonders for examining your

Workers Comp Cancellation Notice – Why Did We Receive It?

Employer Received Cancellation Notice Cancelling Workers Comp Policy A Cancellation notice cancelling  a workers comp policy by a Workers Comp carrier can be a frightening experience for a business owner, Risk Manager, CFO, HR manager, or whoever internally handles the Workers Compensation claims for an employer.    We received this question earlier

Premium Audit Bills For Workers Comp – Calls and Emails Daily

WC Premium Audit Bills Always Generate Calls and Emails The workers comp premium audit bills cause us to receive calls and emails on a daily basis.   We are always glad to hear from former and potential clients for our Workers Comp services. The most popular post and the #1

Premium Audits – 10 Things To NOT Do During Them

10 Things To NOT Do Concerning Premium Audits With premium audits, there are 10 things we recommended not doing at all.   As most Workers Compensation policies renew on January 1st of each year, I thought I would post on what NOT to do from the time that the premium

#1 Question on Workers Comp From Our Readers

Our Readers #1 Question The #1 question we receive from employers usually involves a premium audit bill.  Q: I have just received an audit billing of $47,500 from our Workers Compensation policy from last year. What do I do now? My total premium for last year was $93,000. The bill is



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