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What Workers Comp Publications Do I Read? – Some Secret, Some Not

Workers Comp Publications That I Use For Ideas I have often been asked during presentations and in general conversations on what Workers Comp publications do I read to produce the blog? Most of the blog is original content, with no advertising from any source.  Yes, most of the blog is

Federal/State Health Exchanges Could Be Used For Workers Comp

Federal/State Health Exchanges Could Become Modified PPO Could Health Exchanges be used for Workers Comp markets?   The Death of Workers Comp is one of the most read posts on this blog.  I still receive a few emails  disagreeing with it in total.  The Federalization of Workers Comp was a term

10 Workers Comp Year End Strategies to Cut Comp Costs

Workers Comp Year End Strategies to Cut Comp Costs These are the Workers Comp year end  strategies if your company’s Workers Comp policies renew on January 1, there are at least 10 strategies to implement to cut your costs. The first five are Your E-Mod is already set in stone

TPAs Under Pressure Due To Recession’s Effect on Claim Numbers

Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) Feel Recession Pinch Should TPAs handle more with less? In our claims reviews for employers, we have noticed an interesting scenario developing recently. One area that many insurance personnel and analysts overlook is the increased internal pressure on a TPA’s claims staff.  In a recession, the number of

Monopolistic Funds and Their Problems Back In News

Workers Comp Monopolistic Funds Why do states create monopolistic funds? As I posted yesterday, there are quite a few state-created Workers Comp funds that are having many troubles. The reason for these problems might be the softening of the Workers Comp market. I think there are many problems with state-created funds



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