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North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Issues Warning On Steerage

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Warns On Steering Hurricane Damage Repair – Big No No This morning I received a general memo from current North Carolina Insurance Commissioner  – Mike Causey.    The first thing I noticed was that it was not directly addressed to me – whew! Unlike Workers Compensation

Accident Curve – Upcoming Workers Comp Risk Factor

The Accident Curve Comes From The Learning Curve There has been a large amount of recent traffic and buzz on the articles in the blog that covered the Learning Curve or the Accident Curve.  There was an old adage in Risk Management that said “90% of all accidents happen the first time

Economic Recovery Happens And Learning Curve Kills (Literally)

Economic Recovery Begets The Learning Curve Dark Side The economic recovery may happen soon – or then again possibly not for a long time.  One of the most ignored equations or proved theories is the Learning Curve.  In my actuarial degree, this was one of the glossed over management equations

Workers Comp Claims Explosion If Economy Rebounds Quickly

The Workers Comp Claims Explosion Due To Learning Curve Will a workers comp claims explosion occur in the next few years?  The economy is going to eventually recover from its recent lows.  If there is a very quick rebound, insurance carriers, TPA’s, employers, and any type of insurance personnel must be

Safety And Risk Management Departments – Are They Really Worth It?

Safety And Risk Management Departments – Worth The Expense? During workers comp premium and review audits, I have pleaded with companies to keep their risk management and safety departments as fully staffed as possible. Workers Compensation safety and risk management departments have been pared to the core during the great



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