Deposit Premium

Term Of The Day – Deposit Premium The Deposit premium is unique from regular insurance premiums, because they are refundable should either the insured or the insurer chose to terminate the perpetual insurance. Premium required by an insurance company for plans subject to premium adjustment. The initial provisional premium is

Experience Period Operates From Past Few Policy Years

Experience Period Does Not Operate In The Present  The Experience Period is the interval in which loss and exposure data is used to calculate the experience modification factor for an employer. In normal circumstances, the time period is 3 years and begins 4 years in the past. However, if the

Workers Comp Premium Audit Necessary For All Policies?

Term Of The Day – Workers Comp Premium Audit A Workers Comp Premium Audit – A methodical examination of an insured’s operations, records and books of account. The audit is performed to determine the actual insurance exposures for the coverage provided and concluded with a report of the findings. A



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