Why Did Classification Codes Change On My Workers Comp Policy?

Why Did Our Classification Codes Change So Abruptly? Why did the classification codes change on my Work Comp policy? I received this Class Code question last week. With NCCI changing so many classification codes, I thought this would be a good area to cover this week. Since 2006 the NCCI

Aggregate Stop Loss Reinsurance

Term Of The Day – Aggregate Stop Loss Reinsurance The aggregate stop loss reinsurance is a  type of reinsurance is becoming very rare and expensive. A form of excess of loss reinsurance which indemnifies the reinsured against the amount by which the re-insureds  losses incurred during a specific period exceed either

Is A Payroll Audit Dispute Worth Your Company’s Time And Effort?

Payroll Audit Dispute And NCCI Is a Payroll Audit Dispute worth our time?  How long do we have to dispute the premium audit results that we just received?  Should we call in NCCI to do an inspection? We have often seen where the insurance carrier tells the employer that they



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