Certificate Holder

Certificate Holder-Workers Comp Term  The Certificate Holder is the entity that actually purchased the policy from the insurer. They are shown on the certificate of insurance as the named insured. The Holder is responsible to produce the proof of insurance. ©J&L Risk Management Inc Copyright Notice

Transfer Of Right Of Recovery Usually Means Waiver of Subrogation

Transfer Of Right Of Recovery = Waiver  A transfer of right of recovery for Workers Comp usually involves a very specific type of waiver. The act of giving up the right by an insurer of collecting from another entity for payment on behalf of the insured. In current standard policies,

Agent of Record

Term Of The Day – Agent of Record An Agent of Record (AOR) is an individual/legal entity having a properly executed contract with an insurance policy owner. The Agent of Record has a legal right to receiving commissions from the policy. An AOR is authorized to represent an insured party

Maine Makes Solid Subcontractor Rules For Workers Compensation

Maine Solid Subcontractor Rules The state of Maine makes solid subcontractor rules for Workers Compensation.The State of Maine has come up with a novel plan to identify companies/individuals that are construction subcontractors and not employees. The twelve rules for an business entity to be considered a subcontractor are spelled out



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