All Of Our Brickstreet Clients, New Email Address Changes

Our Brickstreet Clients – New Intake Email Address Brickstreet has recently changed their claims intake email address. One of the Five Keys To Saving Workers Comp $$$ is filing first reports timely.   Their StreetConnect services should also be used if you want to file your first reports as soon as

What Workers Comp Publications Do I Read? – Some Secret, Some Not

Workers Comp Publications That I Use For Ideas I have often been asked during presentations and in general conversations on what Workers Comp publications do I read to produce the blog? Most of the blog is original content, with no advertising from any source.  Yes, most of the blog is

Do We Have To Pay Premium Audit Bill Now – Not Exactly

Do We Need To Pay The Premium Audit Bill Immediately? All employers have concerns on whey they should need to pay premium audit bills as soon as they receive them from their insurance carrier.  As I have mentioned often, employers call or email us with this question more than any

Work Comp Adjuster Top 10 Contact Recommendations

Work Comp Adjuster Contact Can Affect Reserves Heavily Did you contact your Work Comp Adjuster this week or month?  Why did you not? If you have found something questionable about your total incurred or reserves, then you may want to contact your Work Comp adjuster.   Politeness and establishing a



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