California Workers Comp Contractor Vote – Prop 22 on Ballot

Uber or Lyft Driver – California Workers Comp Contractor vs Employee – Prop 22  One of the most heated online and in-person (before COVID-19) debates that I had witnessed in California – Is an Uber or Lyft driver a California Workers Comp Contractor or an employee?  Some of the most

California AB 5 Causes Workers Comp Conundrum For Gig Workers

New California AB 5 Legislation Causes Confusion for Gig Workers And Comp Carriers  The New California AB 5 (Assembly Bill 5) has the gig worker economy up in arms.   Let us start with the Bill itself.  The Bill can be found here.  Reading it over may be a good idea.

California Dynamex Decision – Another Workers Comp Crisis Recycled?

California Dynamex Decision – Overreaction or Harsh Reality?  The California Dynamex decision hit the Workers Compensation airwaves and blogosphere over the last few weeks.  An article by WorkCompCentral noted reactions across the country.  I cannot link to the article as it is behind a paywall.  Check out this article on

California Supreme Court Decision Independent Contractors Definition

California Supreme Court Changes Definition of Independent Contractor  The California Supreme Court recently decided how to distinguish a contractor from an employee for the Golden State’s employers.    The decision is called Dynamex decision.  The California Supreme Court decision can be found here.  For the legal diehards, the decision is



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