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Monopolistic Ohio Overcharges Companies $845,000,000

Monopolistic Ohio Overcharges Mega Amount Monopolistic Ohio and its Workers Compensation bureau had been the center of controversy a few years ago with a few questionable investments.  A judge recently ruled that The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) overcharged insureds $845,000,000. The average refund payable per each employer is

Where Is The Declarations Page (Dec Page) In A Work Comp Policy?

Declarations Page – Critical Workers Comp Term The Declarations Page is the first page of an employers Workers Compensation Policy.    The Workers Compensation industry term is Dec Page.  In fact the Dec Page is actually an insurance industry-wide term and not specific just to Workers Comp.  If your company’s

Is Pharmacy Benefit Management Useful in WC?

Term of the Day – Pharmacy Benefit Management Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are one of the most widely used services in the US for prescription drug administration. They are third party and contract with pharmacies to negotiate discounts and rebates with drug manufactures. Today, more than 210 million Americans receive

Blog Reader Question-Do PPO’s Save Money in Workers Comp

Workers Comp PPO’s Save Money Did Workers Comp PPO’s save money? Do Workers Comp Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO’s) really save money? Do PPO’s diminish the level of care that our injured employees would receive vs. having no PPO? Workers Comp PPO’s have gone from a simple discount for certain providers to



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