2020 Self Insured Workers’ Comp Resolutions – Staying the Course

2020 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolutions – Not Changing Success  The 2020 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolution centers around sustaining success in your program and fixing a few issues that may be costing you dearly.   Some of these resolutions come from the old resolutions.  Search self-insured resolutions for suggestions from

Workers Comp Insurance Companies Excelled In This Area

Worker’s Comp Insurance Companies Did This One Thing Right  The Pennsylvania Workers Comp Rating Bureau recently lambasted two Worker’s Comp insurance companies for misreporting and delayed reporting of policy information.   One of them has verbally threatened me with multiple lawsuits to no avail.  I will not mention names here. I

30 Minute Webinars – Trend Of Rushed Presenter

New 30 Minute Webinars Trend – Presenters Rushing Through Information and Slides Most 30 minute webinars sound like a great idea on the screen or paper.   In practice, they seem to be an exercise in rushing.    I have listened to three webinars over the last two weeks that were

Workers Comp File Reserves – You ARE Running Late

Workers Comp File Reserves Important To Catch Up The Workers Comp file reserves important this time of year.  I have posted over the last two weeks on the process of performing a Workers Compensation file reserve review as a way of reducing your E-Mods or X-Mods. I am using January



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