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National Academy Of Social Insurance – Employer Cost WC +7.1% 2011

National Academy Of Social Insurance  (NASI) The NASI takes on a monstrous task every year of attempting to make sense of Workers Comp data on a national basis.  NASI’s recent report and press release basically had a misleading headline that Workers Comp costs increased due to an economic recovery.   That

Workers Comp Audit Dispute Question From Twitter Tweeter

Audit Dispute Question From A Twitter Follower Our Workers Comp Twitter handle received an audit dispute question from a Twitter Tweeter. Can an insurance carrier perform a mid-term audit and  then come back in for another audit after the policy expires?   That seems to take up a large amount

Workers Comp Coverage North Carolina Agencies Tracking ERs?

Tracking Employers Without Workers Comp Coverage In North Carolina Without Workers Comp coverage whose job is it to track employers? For clarification: NCRB – North Carolina Rate Bureau NCDOL – North Carolina Department of Labor NCIC – North Carolina Industrial Commission NCCI – National Council on Compensation Insurance – not



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