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Safety and EMods – Highlights From My Presentation From Today

Presentation Highlights – Safety and EMods Are Very Related How Safety and EMods intermingle was the basis for most of the highlights from my presentation. The NC Mid State Safety Council was kind enough to ask me to do a presentation on how safety programs impact an employer’s bottom line from

What Is An Experience Modification Factor in Workers Compensation?

Experience Modification Factor E-Mod Can Be Debit, Credit or Neutral There has been much discussion in the last week on the Experience Modification Factor  (E-Mod or X-Mods). My definition is your company’s Workers Comp credit score. From NCCI – Experience modifier (mod) is a multiplier applied to the premium of

Your E-Mod Is 10 Times More Difficult to Correct Than Your Credit Score

Correction To Your E-Mod Can Be Difficult and Delayed Your E-Mod can be corrected.  The deck is stacked against you when you want to correct your company’s Workers Compensation Experience Mod. The reasons: You can correct what has happened with your credit experience far into the past. You cannot, and

You Have Another Business Credit Score That Needs Your Attention II

Business Credit Score Part II What is  The Secret Business Credit Score? It is your Experience Modification Factor (E-Mod, Mod, X-Mod, etc). During all of my Workers Comp presentations, I point this out. If it is a longer presentation, I usually go through how E-Mods are calculated. If you think about



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