59 Modifier Medical Bill Controversy Causes CMS To React

59 Modifier Medical Bill Confounds CMS   The 59 Modifier Medical Bill Controversy.A friend of mine forwarded a note on how medical bills could have be over-inflated by the use of what is known as a 59 modifier.  Her company does not use that modifier. According to Optum – a medical

Monopolistic Ohio Overcharges Companies $845,000,000

Monopolistic Ohio Overcharges Mega Amount Monopolistic Ohio and its Workers Compensation bureau had been the center of controversy a few years ago with a few questionable investments.  A judge recently ruled that The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) overcharged insureds $845,000,000. The average refund payable per each employer is

Make Work Is Still A Hot Topic – Definition And Examples

Term Of The Day – Make Work A make work job is a job which has less final benefit than the job costs to support. Make-work is a rather controversial return to work issue for Workers Compensation. Certain states do not allow an employer to create a job just to reduce

Workers Comp Acronyms That Are Used Everyday – Long List

Workers Comp Acronyms Often Used In Documentation The correct workers comp acronyms are critical to Workers Comp communications. In one of the LinkedIn Workers Comp blogs today, quite a few of the posters were talking about why an injured employee is called a claimant. I agree that the term sounds

Workers Comp Claim Reserve Contains Three Parts

Workers Comp Claim Reserve = Three Parts  This post could be a very long one as there are hundreds of variables that comprise a Workers Comp claim reserve. Each state is unto itself on the benefits that are provided under Workers Compensation. There is no one list that points out

Captive Taxes Decision – IRS Recently Shocks With Recent Ruling

IRS Decided No Captive Taxes For Now IRS shocks with no captive taxes decision. One of the most hotly debated and controversial topics since the bid-rigging accusations have hit the Workers Compensation world.  The Internal Revenue Service has performed a complete U-turn on attempting to tax captives upfront, or actually not



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