Workers Comp Audit Stress Reducer
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Workers Comp Audit Dispute Question From Twitter Tweeter

Audit Dispute Question From A Twitter Follower Our Workers Comp Twitter handle received an audit dispute question from a Twitter Tweeter. Can an insurance carrier perform a mid-term audit and  then come back in for another audit after the policy expires?   That seems to take up a large amount

Split Point Reserve Changes by NCCI – Five Ways To Prepare

Five Ways To Prepare – Upcoming Split Point Reserve Changes by NCCI NCCI has already enacted the Split Point Reserve changes. In my opinion, the first year will have the most impact as the Primary Portion of the loss will double from 5,000 to 10,000. This will have a big

Third Party Administrator Adjusts Workers Comp Claims For Self Insureds

Third Party Administrator (TPA) Is Not An Insurance Carrier A firm hired to handle Workers Compensation claims by contract. Third Party Administrator (TPA) usually work for self insureds on a yearly renewable basis.  Most governmental organizations hire TPA’s usually are paid so much per incoming medical only, lost time, or reportable



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