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IRS Advice on Subcontractor vs. Employee Conundrum – National Outlook

IRS Advice on Subcontractor vs. Employee  Determination The IRS advice has been updated on the Subcontractor vs. Employee conundrum.  The best way to understand IRS advice in this article is to follow all the links below.   The Internal Revenue Service periodically publishes updates on how an employer should differentiate between

IRS Assists in Subcontractor vs Employee Determination

Subcontractor vs Employee Determination Determining whether someone that assists your company is an employee or subcontractor can be tedious as best.   There are many articles in this blog that cover subcontractors including the Ladder of Insurance (c).   The Internal Revenue Service has a great series of videos for

Workers Comp Audit Subcontractor vs Employee IRS Updated Guidelines

IRS Updated Guidelines – Workers Comp Audit The subcontractor vs employee IRS updated guidelines for Workers Comp audits. Premium auditors seem to be listing all contractors as employees lately even if provided with a certificate of insurance. Differentiating between employees and subcontractors can be confusing for many employers. There is a

Subcontractors vs Employees From IRS

The IRS Subcontractors vs Employees The following is from the IRS website on Subcontractors compared to the employees. I have printed this in the past. The last IRS update to the page was less than a month ago. Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) or Employee?   It is critical that you, the business

Who Is Considered Statutory Employee Under Workers Compensation?

Statutory Employee – IRS Defines The Term Well Who is a statutory employee under Workers Comp? I recently received a question on our post regarding the South Carolina employee being ruled an employee. I rarely copy from another website, but this is very important and I do not want to

Independent Contractor and Employee – IRS Definitions

Independent Contractor And Employee IRS Guide As so many states are cracking down on how employees are classified under Workers Compensation, I thought the best way to help would be to use the IRS’s definitions and interpretations of the differences between an independent contractor and an employee. Independent Contractor (Self-Employed)



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