Workers Comp Audit Stress Reducer
Use It For Your Next Premium Audit


OSHA Consultant – Part 2- Keeping Your Cool in a Hot Zone

Our OSHA Consultant Glen, CSP adds in another part of the Safety Metrics  –  Keeping Your Cool in a Hot Zone series “ As the company’s chief financial officer, what can you tell me about your companies experience modifier? “ Answer: “ I  know that it is higher than it

Workers Comp Claims Adjusting Services – Getting The Best Deal

WC Claims Adjusting Services The Claims adjusting services can be found with an RFP  for Workers Comp services. This is one of the “touchiest” subjects in Workers Comp right now with employers and governmental agencies. Risk Managers, company owners, CFO’s, and anyone in charge of their company’s Workers Compensation program are

Workers Comp Claim Reserving – Follow It Closely

Workers Comp Claim Reserving Workers Comp Claim Reserving should be followed closely as part of your workers compensation premium reduction program. One of the most mystifying areas of Workers Comp is in the area of reserving. I have written often on reserves, as believe it or not, they are just



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