EMod (XMod) Can I Obtain One Before My Agent Provides It Every Year?

My EMod (XMod) – When Can You Obtain It? How do I obtain my Emod (Experience Modification Factor0?  This question was emailed from a  medium-sized company from Kansas.   We receive this question regarding EMods often from employers that wish to budget for their upcoming Workers Comp policy year.  

NCPRIMA Presentation Work Comp Advice For Public Risk Managers

The Full NCPRIMA Presentation With Slides Included  Last week, I presented at the NCPRIMA Annual Conference.  The slides for the full NCPRIMA presentation can be found here. We received a few requests for a transcript of the presentation.  The rest of this post follows the slides.  The presentation was aimed

PEOs Are Quickly Gaining Respect and Saving Certain Employers $$$

PEOs Are Quickly Gaining Ground and Respect  Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs) have long been haphazardly discredited as voodoo Workers Comp insurance.   There were a few unscrupulous PEO companies that made the headlines each time there was a failure.  Actually, there were just as many insurance company failures when examined

No XMod On Premium Audit Bill – Reader Question

Reader Question – No XMod On Premium Audit Bill A reader question came in this week concerning the lack of an XMod on the premium audit bill. Xmods or X-Mods are WCIRB’s equivalent of an E-Mod (EMod). The WCIRB is California’s equivalent of the NCCI. The full names of the acronyms

California’s WCIRB Has New Policy Ombudsman in Place

New Policy Ombudsman – Addie Wong The new policy ombudsman for CA’s WCIRB is Addie Wong.   She was recently named the new ombudsman for the California Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Board (WCIRB). I thought I would add in her introduction letter and the functions of the Ombudsman position. Introduction

Workers Compensation Audits Five Types To Cut Comp Costs

Workers Compensation Audits – Five Types For Cost Savings  We often receive questions centering on Workers Compensation audits.  Audits – we like to call them reviews are an essential method to cut comp costs. This term may cover many types of audits or reviews. I thought I would cover the



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