Independent Medical Exam (IME) Dozen Mistakes To Avoid

Independent Medical Exam (IME) Mistakes – Dozen Blunders An independent medical exam can make or break a WC file. Yesterday, I wrote a list of the Top 10 Ways that IME’s can harm a WC file.  The first five from the article are covered more in-depth today.      These

Workers Comp Classification Codes vs Employee Classifications

Employee Classifications vs WC Classification Codes The Employee Classifications and WC classification codes are entirely different.  I had written about this subject late last year. I receive a few questions every time the online press starts publishing articles warning employers concerning classifications. There is a big difference in these two very

One Thing Not To Do With File Reserves on Loss Runs

One Thing Not To Do On Your File Reserves Working in a Claims Dept for many years, I had seen one thing that would totally backfire on an employer that had questions on their Workers Comp file reserves. If you have established a working relationship with your Workers Comp claims



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