Average Weekly Wage

How Workers Comp Weekly Rate Is Calculated – Temporary Total Disability

Workers Comp Weekly Rate for TTD – The Basics Workers Comp weekly rates for TTD in all states are calculated differently. Workers are all deserving of the benefits beyond their efforts to work on time. They need financial help from their employers while they are suffering from injuries that they

Workers Comp Bad Faith – Adjusters Look Back Over Their Shoulders?

Workers Comp Bad Faith – The Rarely Discussed Possibility  For many years, Workers Comp bad faith remains one of those rarely-discussed topics due to many factors.   The subject rears its ugly head for what seems approximately twice per year.   The worn-out catchphrase is “sent a chill over the industry.”   The

What Is A Workers Compensation Permanency Rating?

Question From One Of Our Devout Readers on Workers Compensation Permanency Rating A Workers Compensation Permanency rating can also be called a PPD Rating or Permanent Partial Disability Rating.   Each state is very distinct on how they handle permanency ratings.     PPD ratings by physicians differ in some states.  For

Permanent Partial Disability – Is It A Workers Comp Benefit?

Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) – Important Benefit The permanent partial disability is completely separate from any reduced wage loss benefits such as TTD or TPD.  PPD is the partial or total loss, or loss of use of a part of the body. It is also used in the case of



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