California Loss Cost Multipliers Say No To Reform Measures

California Loss Cost Multipliers Do Not Reflect Any Reform Measures The California Loss Cost Multipliers has said no to reforms. Loss Cost Multipliers (LCM’s) are one of the concepts in Workers Comp that I have been covering for many years.  LCM’s are the carriers’ own assessments of risk in the marketplace.

What Does Strategic Risk Management Cost?

Term Of The Day – Strategic Risk Management Strategic Risk Management (SRM) is the identification, assessment, and management of risk in an organization’s business strategy. When risks are realized under this process, action is taken swiftly. SRM involves predicting how possible events will affect the strategy and it’s execution, and what

Independent Contractors In South Carolina

South Carolina Independent Contractors The following is a great assessment of how a specific Workers Compensation Commission views independent contractors. Even if your company has no Workers Comp concerns in SC, the control issue is spelled out here very well. The issue of employee vs. subcontractor is very important at the

Hartford Pays $72 Million Fine For Exactly What – Administration Fee

Hartford Basically Pays Each Claimant Hartford pays $72 million penalty for an Annuity administrative charge. The Hartford was recently assessed a huge fine. I was surprised to see why the company was fined. It was for basically setting up settlement annuities (including Workers Comp) and charging a 15% administration fee



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