J&L Risk Management Consultants – Our 22nd Year – Thanks!!!

J&L Risk Management Consultants Begins 22nd Year of Service I started J&L Risk Management Consultants (originally called JLM Services) in 1995.  The old adage of “started on the kitchen table” applies to the 25 year plan created in one weekend with much hope and a large amount of coffee We

Workers Compensation Records Retention Question

Workers Compensation Records Retention The subject of Workers Compensation Records Retention is not as popular pre-2010 for some reason.   We do receive a question on this topic every few months. Workers Compensation mail headaches was covered a few years ago.  I recommend reading that older article. We received the

Loss Cost Multipliers Definition – Real Deal On Insurance Premiums

The Real Deal – Loss Cost Multipliers Definition The Loss Cost Multipliers definition (LCM‘s) is one of those “under the radar” concepts in Workers Comp. I had decided to comment on LCM’s as they are very important to your Workers Comp budget.  The LCM allows the insurance carriers to charge

What Does Stair Step Reserving Mean?

Term Of The Day – Stair Step Reserving The stair step reserving of Workers Comp reserves is an age-old concern of any party to an insurance or TPA policy.   If loss reserves are raised by increments in order to cover the cost of claims expense as they happen, the



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