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Workers Comp Premium Audit Records – Keep The Old Ones Handy

Workers Comp Premium Audit Records After Zoom Your company’s workers comp premium audit records may need to be at your fingertips for a few years.  Why?  Let’s look at what happened from March 2020 to now.   Hybrid Premium Audits Will Be Temporary Situation Most of our clients had received

Workers Comp Premium Auditor’s Job Now More Difficult

Workers Comp Premium Auditor’s Job Now Much More Complex One of the results of the COVID-19 pandemic is the effect on the workers comp premium auditor’s job.  The complexities of auditing workers comp policies become more pronounced with multi-state employers. I first realized the results with an article published by

Workers Comp Premium Audit Dispute Delay Can Be Very Costly

Premium Audit Dispute Delay Costs Company $500,000 – Ouch! Over the last 13 years that I have been writing articles for the J&L website, I have warned very heavily against any type of premium audit dispute delay.   Delaying a dispute of or ignoring a bill from your current or prior

Workers Comp Premium Auditor Does Not Know My Final Bill Amount?

Workers Comp Premium Auditor Billing Question From LinkedIn Recently, one of our devout employer article readers posed a workers comp premium auditor question to me through LinkedIn.  By the way, my LinkedIn profile is located here.   You can follow me on LinkedIn for posts and newsletter updates. The LinkedIn reader

Workers Comp Premium Auditors – External Employer Info Examined Often

Workers Comp Premium Auditors and Underwriters Data Sources Most Workers Comp Premium Auditors and Underwriter have become very sophisticated in examining external data for employers.  After listening to various webinars, attending conferences, and interviewing different insurance personnel, I made a list of data sources that are now used by insurance

Workers Comp Premium Auditors Are Licensed In How Many States?

Should Workers Comp Premium Auditors Be Licensed? Are Workers Comp premium auditors actually licensed in any state?   This question was  posed to me on a contact form on this page. Agents, adjusters, and other insurance personnel have a license requirement in most states.  Why do all states not require workers

Workers Comp Premium Auditor Fraud Is Hard To Detect

Workers Comp Premium Auditor Fraud Workers Comp premium auditor fraud is very hard to detect.  The auditors possess such a high level of fiduciary responsibility as they review millions of dollars in premium every week.  This fiduciary responsibility came to light with the recent West Virginia case. A Brickstreet premium auditor had been

Workers Comp Premium Audit Season Prep Work Required

Workers Comp Premium Audit Season Over The Next 3 Months Workers Comp premium audit season is upon us again.  Why do I designate this time of year as premium audit season? The largest number of premium audits for WC are performed from January – February of each year.  Why would

Hybrid Workers Comp Premium Audits – New Trend?

Hybrid Workers Comp Premium Audits Now More Popular Hybrid workers comp premium audits seem to be rising in popularity very quickly. I noticed this term popping up on websites and premium auditing company booths at conferences. Two years ago, an auditing company at a conference started explaining this new (?)

Workers Comp Premium Audit Necessary For All Policies?

Term Of The Day – Workers Comp Premium Audit A Workers Comp Premium Audit – A methodical examination of an insured’s operations, records and books of account. The audit is performed to determine the actual insurance exposures for the coverage provided and concluded with a report of the findings. A

Workers Comp Premium Audit Bill Payments – Correction

Workers Comp Premium Audit Bill Payments I need to make a correction on workers’ comp premium audit bill payments. I do not go back and change any of my prior posts. I decided to add in a post to lessen any confusion on my last post. One of my colleagues has

Two Employers Are Having 23 Years of Workers Comp Premium Audits

Workers Comp Insurance Carrier – Two Employers = 23 years of premium audits Two employers are suffering through 23 years of Workers Comp premium audits. These are sad but true cases of where two Workers Comp Insurance carriers are trying to audit their clients a total of 23 years in

The Workers Compensation Premium Audit Process For Your Company

The Workers Compensation premium audit process usually begins within 30 days after policy expiry.  The premium auditor will usually contact your company after policy expiry to set up a premium audit appointment.   The premium audit letter you receive will have listed the specific items to be reviewed by the

Workers Comp Payroll Figures Affect More Than Just The Premium Audit

Workers Comp Payroll Records Hang Around For Four Years+ A company’s workers comp payroll records are vital to the premium audit process.   Assessing a company’s payroll records is one of the auditor’s main job functions. So your premium auditor has combed through your company books .  The auditor has generated

Workers Comp Policy Bill Finalized With Premium Audit

Final Workers Comp Policy Bill Comes From The Premium Audit The final Workers Comp Policy bill  results directly from premium audit.  I received a question late last night on the last article I wrote on Deposit Premium.   The question – (paraphrased) was: We paid a very large deposit premium

Premium Audits And Short Rate Penalty Workers Comp Extreme Premium Charge

The Short Rate Penalty And Premium Audits The short rate penalty is one of the most severe penalties that your company can receive in Workers Compensation.  With a short rate penalty, workers comp carriers accelerate the premiums on a policy beyond a pro rata share of the total annual premium. 

Workers Compensation Premium Audit Bill – Your Four Choices

Four Choices For A WC Premium Audit Bill Over the years, we have received the most communications from employers when a premium audit bill has hit their desk and the payment is now due. Often, the bill has been sitting for a few weeks and the insurance carrier is now

Workers Compensation Premium Auditors – Not Licensed Like Claim Adjusters?

Workers Compensation Premium Auditors Licensed Like Claim Adjusters? The Workers Compensation premium auditors should likely have licenses like claim adjusters. Workers Compensation premium auditors have never been licensed or actually regulated in most states. I have spoken often to the other premium audit companies for employers about starting an organization

Premium Audit Bills For Workers Comp – Calls and Emails Daily

WC Premium Audit Bills Always Generate Calls and Emails The workers comp premium audit bills cause us to receive calls and emails on a daily basis. We are always glad to hear from former and potential clients for our Workers Comp services. The most popular post and the #1 subject

Estimated Premium Audit On Workers Comp Policy – Question

Estimated Premium Audit Bill From Carrier – Why? The estimated premium audit usually results from a lack of information provided by the employer. We just received an estimated premium audit and billing. for our worker’s compensation policy.  Why did this happen?  – A blog reader emailed this question earlier this

Workers Compensation Premium Audits – Its That Time Of Year

Almost The Time Of Year for Workers Compensation Audits Its that Workers Compensation Premium Audits Time of the year – almost. With the largest number of employers renewing on January 1, the number of audits increase dramatically in January and February.  If your Workers Comp policy renewed on 1/1, you

Workers Comp Insurance Premium Auditor – Who Exactly Are They?

The Main Role Of  The Workers Comp Insurance Premium Auditor The Workers Comp insurance premium auditor works for or is hired by the insurance carrier to perform premium or payroll audits. The most calls and emails that we receive are just after a company has received their yearly Workers Comp

Payroll (Premium Audits) – Mother Of All Workers Comp Budget Busters

Three Types Of Payroll (Premium Audits) Payroll (Premium Audits) – the mother of all Workers Comp budget busters. There are three kinds of Premium Audits – also called Payroll Audits. Usually, the audit is conducted within 60 days after the end of a policy period. There are three types of premium/payroll

Workers Comp Embedded Insurance For Small Business Can Backfire

Workers Comp Embedded Insurance Program To Other Policies Can Workers Comp embedded insurance cause problems later? When I was looking over the usual morning publications that I read for story ideas, I came across a great interview on embedded insurance from AM Best.  Do you subscribe to their daily newsletter? 

So You Want To Be A Workers Comp Consultant – 10 Ideas To Start

Workers Comp Consultant – Are You Ready To Start Your Engine? Over the years (since 1996), one of the most popular questions that I have fielded is what do I do if I want to be a Workers Comp Consultant? This question came from interns, agents, claims adjusters, premium auditors, 

Workers Comp Wages – How Much Is A Rhode Island Red Worth?

My Strangest Workers Comp Wages Incident – Pricing Chickens Being able to write a story that covers workers comp premium audit and claims adjusting has the making of a rare event. Workers comp premium auditors call it remuneration while a workers comp adjuster calls the term wages.  Workers Comp Wages

Workers Comp Insurance Calendar – Looking At Important Dates

Workers Comp Insurance Calendar – Let’s Look At What/When A J&L blog and newsletter reader asked the question earlier this month – we just renewed so what is our Workers Comp insurance calendar going to look like for 2022 – 2023? Most of the 2,000+ articles I have written come

Workers Compensation Self Insureds – Often Ignored Puzzle Piece

Workers Compensation Self-Insureds Gripe At Me Most For This One Reason Yes, I admit it.  I often write about Experience Modification Factors, premium audits, and other parts of the WC system.  I should be writing more articles on Workers Compensation Self Insureds than I have over the years.   Then again,

2022 Workers Comp Self-Insured Resolutions – A Few Changes

2022 Workers Comp Self-Insured Resolutions – Post-Pandemic(?) The 2022 Workers Comp self-insured resolutions should be looked at as a bridge from the pandemic to the post-pandemic era. Over the last 13+ years including 2021, I have written articles on workers comp resolutions.  Our self-insured clients and article/newsletter readers always remind

2022 Workers Comp Resolutions – Major Updates to 2021 + COVID

2022 Workers Comp Resolutions – A Few Major Changes The 2022 Workers Comp resolutions have changed from the 2021 resolutions.  I have written resolutions for almost 15 years.  As with the whole Workers Comp industry, the resolutions have changed a little, but not substantially. Keeping to the below resolutions will

Ignoring Workers Compensation Insurance Now = Paying More Later

Ignoring Workers Compensation Insurance Means Future Larger Premiums Many articles have appeared on this website after watching a process repeated multiple times.  An employer ignoring workers compensation insurance will soon pay more premiums to their carrier.  A self-insured employer will end up allocating more of their budget to Workers Comp

Hybrid Premium Audit Prep – Update to Last Week’s Article

Hybrid Premium Audit Prep – Changing the Paradigm For Employers Last week, I promised that I would write or update an article to the Zoom Hybrid premium audit article.  Most of what this article covers are the same as the in-person and hybrid premium audit prep that I have covered

Zoom Hybrid Premium Audits Becoming Standard Procedure

Zoom Hybrid Premium Audits – Not Just Temporary Pandemic Fix I had thought Zoom hybrid premium audits were going to fade away once the pandemic settles down to allow in-person meetings again.   Since the beginning of the pandemic, one new type of premium audit came to the forefront. Clients contacted

Workers Comp Training – One Thing You Cannot Teach Anyone

Workers Comp Training Cannot Touch This One Area Many times,  Workers Comp training can teach someone how to technically perform a task to a level of excellence.  One area that still seems to appear more often frustrates insureds, agents, claimants, or any other person involved in the insurance process from

Workers Comp Accident – Happened Right In Front Of Me

Workers Comp Accident – Slip and Fall In Restaurant Over the July 4th weekend, I decided to visit a local restaurant that survived the pandemic.  Who knew that a workers comp accident would happen right in front of me? Please note the accident did not happen at the restaurant in

J&L Risk Management Consultants – Your Workers Comp Problems Solved

Ready to cut your Worker’s Compensation costs? Discover and Correct Workers Compensation Premium Audit Errors and Mistakes. Contact Us Whether you call it Workman’s Compensation, Workmen’s Compensation, Workers’ Compensation, Work Comp, or Workers Comp, it is still the same, silent budget killer. Workers’ Compensation is one of the most complex

Workers Comp Algorithms – Who Is Pushing the Model Buttons?

Workers Comp Algorithms – How Far Have They Progressed? The panel discussion yesterday with Frank Pennachio covered one hot topic – Workers Comp Algorithms. I do agree that almost everything in existence today has an algorithm attached to it. All one has to do is pick up their smartphone.  You

Workers Comp Test Audits – Pain or Preventative Measure

Workers Comp Test Audits – What Are They – Necessary Evil? Not too long ago, I had thought that Workers Comp test audits were not necessary and could be viewed as an intrusion on employer insureds’ busy schedules. Over time, I have come to realize that workers comp test audits

Workers Comp Allocated Expenses – Who Pays For Which Bills?

Workers Comp Allocated Expenses – The Hidden Premium Charges You May Not Owe A long-running debate still exists today on how workers comp allocated expenses are charged to employers’ accounts.  Let us cover the: Definition of the expenses Process of charging the allocated expenses to the employer’s Experience Mod Sources

Workers Comp COVID-19 Vaccination Claims – Adjusters Confused

Workers Comp COVID-19 Vaccination Claims – Who’s on First? Today, I decided to check on how Workers Comp COVID-19 vaccination claims are being handled by claims adjusters. Most of the adjusters had some sort of handle on how to investigate and adjust claims that involved COIVI-19. The states have now

2021 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolutions – The COVID Effect

2021 Self Insured Workers Comp Resolutions COVID Caused A Few Changes Most New Year’s Resolutions come from altering the resolutions from last year.   The 2021 Self Insured Workers Comp resolutions will be no different.   Keeping the resolutions from last year and adding a few changes for COVID should suffice for

2021 Workers Comp Resolutions – Few COVID-19 Changes

2021 Workers Comp Resolutions – Huge Change From 2020? The 2021 Workers Comp resolutions began with waiting until all the election cycles had been completed from 2020.  I usually crank out the resolutions in December of the prior year.  With so much occurring in forgettable 2020, these resolutions were the

California Prop 22 – Nationwide Effect on Workers Comp Debate

California Prop 22 – Not Just A One State Issue California Prop 22 was overwhelmingly given a thumbs up by the Golden State’s Voters. If you are saying, yes, but I do not live in California, check out the last heading in this article  – worth your time. For many

Physical Premium Audits – COVID 19 Removed The Physical Part

Will Today’s Hybrid Audits Ever Return to Physical Premium Audits? First – let us define the three types of audits in this article – Short Definitions Hybrid -the records are usually reviewed offsite -technology has allowed much easier access to employer records without having a “physical presence” at the employers’

Loss Cost Decrease Does Not Directly Result in Premium Decrease

Loss Cost Decrease Question From Newsletter Reader A newsletter reader recently asked this question after reading that their state recommended a Workers Comp Loss Cost decrease recently. If our state has a Loss Cost decrease does that mean we will pay less premium?   My answer to their email inquiry was

Premium Audit Payroll Figures More Critical Due To COVID-19

Premium Audit Payroll Numbers Now More Important Than Ever Why is the Workers Comp Premium Audit payroll accuracy more important in 2020?  Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic may reach into your premiums more than you or your company may have anticipated. Let us look at the basic components of your Experience

Workers Comp Ladder of Insurance Very Important Term in 2020

Workers Comp Ladder of Insurance – Subs of Subs Become Employees Early in my career, my insurance company employer sent me to what was a whirlwind of legal terms and concepts known as subrogation.   I took notes until my arm cramped with pain as I know this was important information. 

Workers Comp COVID-19 Numbers Are In – Think Again

Workers Comp COVID-19 Numbers – The System Does Not Work That Way Many prognosticators and the press have all rushed to publish or make sense of any Workers Comp COVID-19 numbers including claim counts and rating information. Unless I missed something over the last 30 years, the numbers are like

California Workers Comp Contractor Vote – Prop 22 on Ballot

Uber or Lyft Driver – California Workers Comp Contractor vs Employee – Prop 22 One of the most heated online and in-person (before COVID-19) debates that I had witnessed in California – Is an Uber or Lyft driver a California Workers Comp Contractor or an employee? Some of the most

Workers Comp Premium Refunds Due To COVID Crisis

Carriers Providing Workers Comp Premium Refunds Due To Coronavirus Shutdowns? One of the most common questions we received since March from employers – Are carriers providing Workers Comp premium refunds due to the COVID crisis?  Is there a formula to know how much we are receiving?  Are states mandating carriers

Large Deductible Workers Comp Policies – Paying 50% Of Expenses?

Large Deductible Workers Comp Policies May Require 50% Allocated Expense Payment We often perform workers comp policy reviews as part of our premium reduction consultant services.  Large deductible workers comp policies usually have a deductible amount ranging from $100,000 (the minimum) to $5million. The most popular retention level (think car

Workers Comp COVID-19 Presumption Was Already In Place

Workers Comp COVID-19 Presumption – There’s An Occupational Disease Statute For That – J&L State after state enacted their Workers Comp COVID-19 presumption orders to make sure the frontline workers in the Coronavirus pandemic were covered if they contracted the disease.   The states then began to expand which workers were

Are The Recent Class Code Changes Saving My Company Premium?

The Recent Class Code Changes – A Further Look – J&L The recent class code changes buzzed in the workers’ comp news for well over a month.   Why am I writing another article on this subject?  The class code changes convert into amounts of premium dollars > your company’s budget.

California Workers Comp Telecommuting Class Code 8871 Added

 Telecommuting Class Code 8871 Added To California WCIRB Class Codes California’s Workers Comp rating bureau (WCIRB) added in Telecommuting Class Code 8871 after a regulatory meeting this week. If your company is domiciled in California or you have California-based employees,  you will need to separate these employees from furloughed employees

Work Comp Class Code 8871 Clerical Telecommuter Very Popular Now

Work Comp Class Code 8871 Popular During the Coronavirus Pandemic The Workers Comp Class Code 8871 represents telecommuters.  Exactly who are telecommuters?  Let us first cover the general non-workers’ comp generic definition.   Definitions of Class Code 8871 General  Telecommuters are defined as: Someone who works at home and communicates

Workers Comp Consultant Company – J&L – Top 10 Lessons Learned

J&L – 25 Years and Counting As A Leading Workers Comp Consultant Company J&L Insurance started in 1996 as a Workers Comp consultant company handling the proper filing of claims forms for large self-insureds. We added services as the market requested it such as premium audit services, general consulting, blog

Coronavirus Return To Work – Top 10 Issues For Workers Comp

Pending Post Coronavirus Return To Work Issues – Top 10 Preparations Coronavirus return to work issues will become the buzzword phrase in Workers Comp over the next few months (rightfully so).   Any references to a return to work mean all employees except for #9 below. This complete list may not

California AB 5 Causes Workers Comp Conundrum For Gig Workers

New California AB 5 Legislation Causes Confusion for Gig Workers And Comp Carriers The New California AB 5 (Assembly Bill 5) has the gig worker economy up in arms.   Let us start with the Bill itself.  The Bill can be found here.  Reading it over may be a good idea.

2020 Workers Comp Resolutions – Make Your List Now And Check It Twice

2020 Workers Comp Resolutions – Starting With A Clean Slate Your 2020 Workers Comp resolutions begin with the obvious – start the list now in late 2019.   I usually build off the previous years’ lists. Next week, I will publish a list for self-insureds.  This year let us start with

Workers Comp Statistical Significance Is Still Statistically Significant

Workers Comp Statistical Significance Better Known As The Benchmark Most discussions and articles concerning Workers Comp Statistical Significance center on the Experience Modification Factor and Loss Development Factors.   Benchmarks also come from tests for statistical significance. The article that generated this article can be found here.  I find it amazing

Workers’ Comp Recession Advice Even As Current Data Says Otherwise

Workers’ Comp Recession Advice – Just In Case Any Workers’ Comp recession advice may give the impression that one is just over the horizon.   The drone attacks on Saudi Arabian oil supplies generated a large amount of press over the last few days.  Oil price spikes usually do not cause,

Worker’s Comp Policy Questions – Readers Top 10 Questions

Worker’s Comp Policy Questions Received From Readers and Google Searchers The number of Worker’s Comp policy questions we receive by email, contact form, and phone always increase exponentially from July through September of each year.  I decided to answer some of the questions received over the last three years. Is

Workers Compensation Numbers Employers Must Have At Their Fingertips

Keep These Workers Compensation Numbers Close For Quick Access The first two main workers compensation numbers involve knowing where your worker’s compensation program is currently. If you do not know where you are, the task of knowing what to do to improve your numbers becomes extremely difficult.  Use Your CompCompass(c). 

Workers Comp Insurance Companies Excelled In This Area

Worker’s Comp Insurance Companies Did This One Thing Right The Pennsylvania Workers Comp Rating Bureau recently lambasted two Worker’s Comp insurance companies for misreporting and delayed reporting of policy information.   One of them has verbally threatened me with multiple lawsuits to no avail.  I will not mention names here. I

Premium Audit Report vs Bill vs Statement- Important Reader Question

Newsletter Reader Asks What Is the Difference Between a Premium Audit Statement, Premium Audit Bill, and Premium Audit Report? A premium audit report, statement, or bill all refer to the premium audit process.   Many employers think these mean the same report.   Each one is a different report on the same

California Dynamex Decision – Another Workers Comp Crisis Recycled?

California Dynamex Decision – Overreaction or Harsh Reality? The California Dynamex decision hit the Workers Compensation airwaves and blogosphere over the last few weeks. An article by WorkCompCentral noted reactions across the country.  I cannot link to the article as it is behind a paywall. Check out this article on

Workers Comp Physician Networks Importance Reaches Critical Mass

Workers Comp Physician Networks Now More Critical to Cut Comp Costs One of the Six Keys or Secrets to cut your work comp costs becomes even more important now due to a fact covered later in this article.   Workers Comp physician networks are a great risk management technique that involves

California Rating Bureau WCIRB Equity Compensation

Equity Compensation – California Rating Bureau WCIRB Provides New Rules   The California Rating Bureau WCIRB recently published an article which has been  the basis for many debates among carriers, rating bureaus, and premium auditors.    When I attended the IAASE Conference last year in Columbia, SC, a part of the

Pennsylvania Workers Comp Carriers May Owe Premium Refunds

Premium Refunds Likely Owed by Pennsylvania Workers Comp Carriers Seventy Pennsylvania Workers Comp insurance carriers stepped up and fixed their Lost Cost filings.   Please note you do not have to be a Pennsylvania employer to have been affected by the corrections.   If your policy, premium audit or E-Mod Sheets have

Pennsylvania Employers – Workers Comp Premium Refunds Possible

Pennsylvania Employers – Left In Limbo On Workers Comp Premiums Pennsylvania employers likely experienced overcharges on recent workers comp policies and audits. A previous article was published on who is to blame when the rating bureaus make a mistake.  Pennsylvania recently experienced system-wide workers comp premium overcharges due to a

Workers Compensation Fraud In New Jersey – Video Says It All

Workers Compensation Fraud – New Jersey Man Caught on Video Workers Compensation fraud appears very rarely in the articles on this blog.  (Why?)   The subject remains one of the most overused and overwritten subjects since I first started in the business in the last part of the 1980s. The Workers

Workers Comp Premium Savings Generated With Website Updates

Workers Comp Premium Savings – Keep Your Website Updated How can workers comp premiums savings come from updating your website?   One of our clients from last year had let their website sit for a few years without updating it.   What happened caused me to write this article. During a workers

NY Daily News Workers Comp Watch – Ocasio Cortez Says Woops!

US Representative Ocasio Cortez Fined – NY Daily News Workers Comp Article The NY  Daily News Workers Comp article has been circulated around the blogosphere for mostly political means.  Many of my fellow Workers Compensation bloggers publish articles that are politically-based.   I try to avoid that as much as possible.

2019 Workers Comp Resolutions – Looking Back at 2018

2019 Workers Comp Resolutions – Did You Keep Yours From 2018? Your 2019 Workers Comp Resolutions likely consist of redoing your 2018 resolutions.   Yes, it is that time of year to examine your old resolutions and add on a few more. A resolutions article has appeared in the Cutcompcosts.com articles

Workers Comp Rating Bureaus Make Mistakes – Who Is Really To Blame?

Are Workers Comp Rating Bureaus Responsible For Rating Mistakes Most Workers Comp Rating Bureaus are only as good as the data the organizations receive from the carriers. The data progression on final rates in uncomplicated terms is: Workers Comp Rating Bureau (NCCI, WCIRB or State Independent) receives data from carriers

Workers Compensation Reserves Reduction Alternative Mini Guide

Workers Compensation Reserves – Lowering Them Can Be Difficult The Workers Compensation reserves on a file naturally generate controversy.    Why is there so much discussion on them?   How can you have a great conversation with your claims adjusters? A workers compensation claims adjuster’s daily activities include 12 more important

What Is A Guaranteed Cost Program In Workers Compensation?

Article Reader Asks Good Basic Question on Guaranteed Cost Program What is a guaranteed cost program?  Is that the type of policy I have in place now?   A great question on a basic subject was emailed in by one of our new newsletter subscribers. A Guaranteed Cost program means that

Switching Workers Comp Carriers Early Can Be Expensive

Switching Workers Comp Carriers Too Early Very Costly Switching workers comp carriers can be a trying task at renewal.   During the year, that option can be very costly due to the Short Rate Penalty.  The various state insurance departments decided to eliminate or at least heavily discourage employers from jumping

Civil Engineer Asks Great Worker Compensation Class Code Question

Civil Engineer Was On The Right Track With Workers Compensation Codes A civil engineer was looking over the house that I am presently selling.   He had asked me what I do for a living.  I had told him that I am a worker’s compensation consultant. He posed this question –

Workers Comp Documents Top Six Best Read on Paper – With Bonus

Workers Comp Documents – Paper Is Best In These Instances Many Workers Comp documents can be left as PDFs in a computer file.   Some documents read better on paper.   This article came about due to the article from two weeks ago on paper files in the age of the small

Subrogation Letter Is Just First Step in Recovering Workers Comp Funds

The Subrogation Letter Should Not Be Solely Relied Upon To Recover Workers Comp Payouts A quick subrogation letter remains one of the stalwarts in recovering workers compensation funds back to a file whenever there is a responsible 3rd party involved in a Workers Comp accident. The best example is an

WCIRB Pure Premium Rates Are Not Insurance Carrier Rates

WCIRB Pure Premium Rates Not The Same As Workers Comp Insurance Rates (Usually) The WCIRB pure premium rates generated a few calls over the last two weeks.    Insurance companies file their own loss cost multipliers or LCM’s that deviate from those rates. The Workers  Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau is

Workers Compensation Class Code 9015 – Most Reclassified in 2017

NCCI Names Most Reclassified Workers Compensation Class Code 9015 The Workers Compensation Class Code 9015 has long been a source of confusion for agents, underwriters, and premium auditors.  NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) reaffirmed the confusion by naming the Code as their most reclassified code. In the past, NCCI

General Liability Insurance Premium Audits Definition

General Liability Insurance Premium Audits Should Be Reviewed By Employers General liability insurance premium audits should be reviewed along with the workers compensation premium audits.    This type of audit usually occurs when the workers comp audits are being performed each year. Earlier this week, I wrote an article on

Workers Comp Call or Email – #1 for 2017 Is No Surprise

Most Popular Workers Comp Call or Email We Received in 2017 The Workers Comp call or email we received most in 2017 actually came from Risk Managers or business owners. The company had a premium audit coming up in the next few weeks or days.  Some of the calls or

2018 Workers Comp Resolutions – Look Back At 2017 Resolutions

2018 Workers Comp Resolutions Are 2017 Refinements My 2018 Workers Comp Resolutions must start with, of course, the 2017 Resolutions.  BTW, Self Insureds will be on the dais next week.   So, let us get to it.   The thirteen 2017 resolutions were: (sorry if you have triskaidekaphobia).  Understanding the mechanics of

Workers Comp Writers Block – Writing Into Funnel

Workers Comp Writers Block Not A Fun Time Having Workers Comp writers block for the first time in 11 years ended with this article.   The last three weeks contained the longest workers comp writers block for me. The comment on writing into a funnel means that if I covered a

Work Comp Schedule Rating Factor Use It or Lose It @Policy Commences

Work Comp Schedule Rating Factor Highly Negotiable Before Start of Policy Search For The Work Comp Schedule Rating Factor.   Why do we want to search for it?   Because your company may be leaving negotiable  premiums on the table, so to speak.   Ok, Workers Comp policy wonks,  this article

Insurance Policy = Contract Between Your Company and Carrier

Read Your Insurance Policy On Receipt To Save Headaches Your insurance policy equals a contract between you/your company and your insurance carrier.   This applies to Workers Comp policies even though they are usually more state-regulated than liability policies. Three questions asked over the last two weeks that applied to

Workers Comp Policy Info Retention Recommendation

Workers Comp Policy Info Should Be Kept Very Handy The Workers Comp policy info referenced includes: Policies All policy amendments or endorsements Loss Runs – not just not most recent one Premium Audits  Rating Bureau Worksheets  The aforementioned list of information should be retained for at least five years if

Work Comp Audit – Six Similarities To Home Closing

A Work Comp Audit vs. Closing On A Home A Work Comp audit may remind someone of their first or subsequent  home closings.    A list of the similarities follow: Both are stressful.   Steps that you can take prior to the audit are here.   Think organization from the start.

North Carolina State Auditor Says 52,000 Uninsured For Workers Comp

North Carolina State Auditor Audits Industrial Commission  Beth Woods, CPA the present North Carolina State Auditor issued a rather stinging report on the Industrial Commission’s lack of oversight in the area of uninsureds. Please note this is not counting the micro-companies that have less than 4 employees.  The report pointed

North Carolina Workers Comp Uninsureds – I Made Terrible Mistake

Too Conservative On North Carolina Workers Comp Uninsureds The articles which were written on North Carolina Workers Comp uninsureds were to me an overestimation.  I had written various articles on my shock and dismay that over 30,000 companies in North Carolina had no workers compensation coverage. Some of the articles

Top Ten Work Comp New Years Resolutions 2017 Version with Bonus

Top Ten Work Comp New Years Resolutions 2017 The Top Ten Work Comp New Years Resolutions 2017 started a few years ago .   I have updated them each year.   You can find those resolutions here using this search inside the J&L Risk Management articles.     There are

Five Amazing Ways That Workers Comp Insurance Is Unique

Workers Comp Insurance Is Unto Itself Workers Comp Insurance is now one of the more maligned insurance lines.  Other than the Affordable Care Act, much negativity spread quickly throughout the press. Many employers consider WC as a tax of sorts.   Some employers just write the check and let it

Endorsements – Forgotten Part Of Workers Comp Policy

Workers Comp Endorsements Are Worth a Look The Endorsements section of a Workers Comp policy is not actually a section.   Endorsements on any policy including Workers Comp are always at the end.  Why? A policy may be endorsed many times.  I have seen a few that were endorsed almost

Workers Comp Hard Markets and China Financial Crisis

New Workers Comp Hard Markets May Come From China The Workers Comp hard markets of old have almost a fairytale connotation.  Many insurance workers and press may have only seen soft markets.   Workers comp hard markets still exists today.   It is sectional or just hardening for certain markets.financial

Workers Comp Tax To Some Employers? – Shocker!

Is There Really A Workers Comp Tax? A Workers Comp tax is something that many people in Human Resources and Accounting Departments have to consider overall. The subject of a Workers Comp tax comes up each year as today is the end of our tax filing season.  I always try

Workers Comp Expert Witness – Tough Row To Hoe

Workers Comp Expert Witness – A Niche’ ? Being a Workers Comp expert witness over the years has taught me many very interesting experiences.    I thought I would cover a few of those which provided a lesson. Memorization One cannot lull themselves into thinking that you can memorize the



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