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California Assembly Bills Try To Right The Wrongs of AB 5

Possible Corrections To AB 5 Introduced With Two New California Assembly Bills Two California Assembly Bills were introduced very quickly after the rumble caused by California AB 5 since the Bill became law on January 1, 2020.  California Assembly Bill 5 ratified the famous 2018 Dynamex court decision. Many people

California AB 5 Causes Workers Comp Conundrum For Gig Workers

New California AB 5 Legislation Causes Confusion for Gig Workers And Comp Carriers The New California AB 5 (Assembly Bill 5) has the gig worker economy up in arms.   Let us start with the Bill itself.  The Bill can be found here.  Reading it over may be a good idea.

California AB 1465 CAMPN State Sponsored Medical Networks Debate

CAMPN – California AB 1465 Alters Workers’ Comp Medical Treatment Networks The term CAMPN – California AB 1465 is an Assembly Bill that proposes to increase the injured workers’ access to medical treatment.   The California Workers’ Compensation Institute (CWCI) published a study this month that possibly surprised quite a few

Work Comp Laws For All 50 States And Canada – WCRI IAIABC

Work Comp Laws The Work Comp Laws for all 50 states and Canada used to be provided by the US Chamber of Commerce.   I remember their manual as always being slightly out of date.   However, it was a great summary to have on hand if you were handling or administering

Workers Comp Medical Provider Networks Absence = Losing $1 Million

Absence of Workers Comp Medical Provider Networks – 1993 Example Still Resonates Today Workers comp medical provider networks can usually provide injured employees with the utmost care while saving medical treatment dollars.  A win-win-win situation between the injured employee, medical provider, and employer can be attained if a preset workers

Nixon Administration and Workers Comp Federalization 50 Years Ago

Nixon Administration Study on Federalizing Workers Comp I have written many times on prepping for the federalization of Workers Comp.  The Nixon Administration’s efforts to possibly make Workers Comp a federal insurance program was unknown to me at the time I wrote many of the federalization articles. Thanks to WorkCompCentral;

Workers Comp Institute Conference Dec 12 2021 – 85 Page Program Wow

Workers Comp Institute Conference – Massive + Combined with Safety Conference The Workers Comp Institute Conference has an 85-page program.  What?  This is one of the largest syllabi that I have seen for a Worker Comp conference. The Workers Comp Institute decided to combine their annual Workers Comp conference with

PARIMA 2021 Conference October 25 – 29th All Session Notes

PARIMA 2021 Conference October 25th – 29th, 2021 – International Risk Management How about international risk management?  Yes, there is an organization for that.  The PARIMA 2021 Conference was virtual.  As the conference was on a 12-hour time difference, my back office web contractor volunteered to take notes.   She did

Subrogation Services Finds Money Left On The Table In Claims

Our subrogation services helps recover money left on the table.  Subrogation remains one of the areas that confounds many Workers’ Compensation insurance adjusters.   A few decades ago, insurance adjusters covered many lines of insurance, including crop and life.  The insurance industry split the lines of insurance adjusting. Workers’ Comp became

How Workers Comp Claims Pandemic Data Is Only 25% Correct

Workers Comp Claims Pandemic Data – Running With 1/4 In The Tank I recently brought this up in a Zoom(r) meeting.  A potential client wanted me to assist in building a Workers Comp claims pandemic model. They were aghast when I said that only approximately 1/4 of the data is

How Workers Comp Weekly Rate Is Calculated – Temporary Total Disability

Workers Comp Weekly Rate for TTD – The Basics Workers Comp weekly rates for TTD in all states are calculated differently. Workers are all deserving of the benefits beyond their efforts to work on time. They need financial help from their employers while they are suffering from injuries that they

It’s All About Workers Compensation And How Does It Work

 Knowing About Workers Compensation The Workers Compensation is workmen’s compensation before it changed due to the equality of workers, to make it neutral. Workers’ Compensation is the insurance paid by the company that is paying and providing medical benefits to their employees who are injured or got injured after doing

Panel Discussion With Frank Pennachio – Academy of Insurance 50% Off

A Conversation with Frank Pennachio – See below. I usually try to stay away from advertising any company’s services – that what this blog has been known for is no advertising.  During the aftershow after my Kawasakian presentation last month, George and Patrick asked me a few additional questions when

COVID-19 Vaccination Reaction Claims- Compensable In Texas?

Texas Says Report COVID-19 Vaccination Reaction Claims (Work-Related) In reading various Workers Comp publications – yes, I do that in the evenings, I came across an article in Business Insurance Work Comp News that caught my eye.   The Texas Department of Insurance released a memo on March 2, 2021, that

Workers Comp Liability Subrogation – Vehicle Accident Steps

Workers Comp Liability Subrogation – Seven Steps For Vehicles What Is Workers Comp Liability Subrogation for auto accidents?  Let us take an example I have on my screen in front of me. The insured employers and adjusters working on this together allow for quicker recoveries from any third party in

The Workers Comp Self Insurance Risk No One Talks About

Workers Comp Self Insurance Risk – The $250,000 Repetitive Mega Claims I sometimes forget to mention the self insurance side of Workers Comp Risk Management.   A certain Workers Comp self insurance risk conversation seldom occurs in voluntary insurance vs. self insurance decisions. Voluntary insurance may seem like an unused commodity

Workers Comp Android Apps – Journey Down The Rabbit Hole Again

Workers Comp Android Apps – Giving It One Last Try Three years ago, a gentleman contacted me by phone.  He was very patient in explaining Workers Comp Android Apps were going to fade away as most smartphones can handle accessing the website directly.  An App was likely not going to

Large Deductible Workers Comp Policies – Paying 50% Of Expenses?

Large Deductible Workers Comp Policies May Require 50% Allocated Expense Payment We often perform workers comp policy reviews as part of our premium reduction consultant services.  Large deductible workers comp policies usually have a deductible amount ranging from $100,000 (the minimum) to $5million. The most popular retention level (think car

COVID Compensability Conundrum – Who’s Covering What?

COVID Compensability Conundrum – Coronavirus Causing Workers Comp Claims? Adjusters Will Deal With COVID Claims  The COVID Compensability Conundrum will arrive later this year when workers comp claims adjusters have to make difficult and complicated claim decisions.    Most states have a disease statute.  Not many states include personal sensitivity

NCCI COVID-19 Article And Claims Compensability Debate

NCCI COVID-19 Article Addresses Compensability (Sort of) A recent NCCI COVID-19 Article (Coronavirus) caught my eye.  I have not seen a rating bureau analyze compensability whatsoever.  Why? NCCI is the acronym for the National Council on Compensation Insurance.   They are the rating bureau for approximately 35 states. NCCI has always

Workers’ Comp Penalties and Fines – Paying Someone Else’s Tab?

Workers’ Comp Penalties and Fines Are Paid By Responsible Party – who is that? If you want to start a debate in a claims office just ask who pays for the Workers’ Comp penalties and fines in certain cases.  Why does a seemingly insignificant payment amount cause so much chagrin

Workers Compensation Online Access Nets Insured $85,000 Subrogation

Workers Compensation Online Access – Subrogation Claim Discovered Having Workers’ Compensation online access creates $85,000 subrogation claims missed earlier by the insured.  How did this occur? I review claims for many companies as part of J&L’s services.   Recently, a new agency account asked me to review their claims and make

IRS Publication 15A – Independent Contractor vs. Employee Examples

Employee vs. Independent Contractor – Great Examples From IRS Publication 15A The IRS Publication 15A – Titled – Employer’s Supplemental Tax Guide still provides many tips when hiring employees or subcontractors for a business.   You can download the publication here. Every small employer that prepares to grow their business should

Stabilizing Value – Work Comp EMod Formula Magical Employer Lifesaver

Stabilizing Value – Rating Bureaus Provide a Break of Sorts The Stabilizing Value in Workers Compensation Rating Bureau Experience Modification Factor Worksheets saves companies premiums every day.   How does this boring-sounding number help employers save premium dollars? I am using the numbers from an EMod sheet that I have been

Experience Modification Sheets Wt Important Variable For Savings

What Does Wt Represent on Experience Modification Sheets? Your company’s Experience Modification Sheets just arrived from the rating bureau or you just downloaded them.    Experience Modification worksheets is also the correct term for the sheets.   If you look at your sheets more closely, NCCI and the other rating

$250,000 Claim Reserve Level – Why Is that Number So Important?

$250,000 Claim Reserve Level Creates Many Critical Responsibilities The $250,000 claim reserve level causes many necessary actions.  Some of them are obvious.   The other not-so-obvious actions are just as important. Please note that the Reinsurer and Excess Insurer are the same for this article. Usually,  a claim that reaches this

Cutcompcosts Awarded Top 25 Workers Comp Blogs Again for 2018

Cutcompcosts Repeats As Top 25 Workers Comp Blog In 2018 After Cutcompcosts repeated as Best’s Recommended Insurance Advisors, we just discovered that Workerscompensation.com awarded us with the Top 25 Workers Comp Blogs designation.  We also were awarded the distinction in 2017. In fact, we just received the 10 Year Badge

Workers Compensation Class Code 9015 – Most Reclassified in 2017

NCCI Names Most Reclassified Workers Compensation Class Code 9015 The Workers Compensation Class Code 9015 has long been a source of confusion for agents, underwriters, and premium auditors.  NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) reaffirmed the confusion by naming the Code as their most reclassified code. In the past, NCCI

General Liability Insurance Premium Audits Definition

General Liability Insurance Premium Audits Should Be Reviewed By Employers General liability insurance premium audits should be reviewed along with the workers compensation premium audits.    This type of audit usually occurs when the workers comp audits are being performed each year. Earlier this week, I wrote an article on

Apple ITunes Store Apps – Another Workers Comp Rabbit Hole Trip

Apple ITunes Store Apps Barren Territory For Workers Comp The Apple ITunes Store Apps for Workers Comp search resulted from my yearly search for Google PlayStore Apps. The names  ITunes and Playstore do not bolster my confidence in finding any business apps.  I also checked them on my semi-smartphone to

Wisconsin Medical Fee Schedule Absence Very Expensive Option – WCRI

WCRI-Wisconsin Medical Fee Schedule Lacking A Wisconsin medical fee schedule would likely help out the Badger State.   WCRI ( Workers Comp Research Institute) recently updated its analysis of the Workers Comp environment in Wisconsin. One of the easiest ways to cut Workers Comp costs in a state is to enact

Workers Comp Statistic Combined Ratio Best In 50 Years – NCCI

NCCI Workers Comp Statistic Combined Ratio Smoking One workers comp statistic stood out the August 3rd NCCI Virginia State Advisory Forum.  Actually, it exceeded even my positive outlook for the Workers Compensation market health. The Combined Ratio performed even better than last year in the overall market.    Last year

Top 25 Workers Comp Blog and AM Best Recommended Provider Awards

Picked As Top 25 Workers Comp Blog – J&L Risk Management Awarded Twice This Week J&L was awarded A Top 25 Workers Comp Blog and named as a recommended Provider by AM  Best this week.   Well, the AM Best award was actually in March and the Top 25 blog

Safety Program Evaluation Secret – Takes 5 Minutes Maximum

Internal Safety Program Evaluation From A Non-safety Professional My safety program evaluation starts with a very simple process.   This secret method has been used by myself and a few other non-safety professionals to examine a company’s safety program.   Please remember this is from a premium audit, claims handling,

Major Workers Comp Changes On Horizon Fed .25 Point Increase?

The 10 Ways The Fed May Cause Major Workers Comp Changes We could be on the verge of major workers comp changes.  The Fed Head Janet Yellen and her Board just increased the Federal Bank lending rate by .25%.  This may not be a jolt to the insurance markets –

Does Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace Mention Workers Comp?

The Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace – Any Mention of Workers Comp? The Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace is now working its way through Congress, Senate, and President.  Last week’s WCRI meeting showed the Work Comp community’s concern over any Federalization of Workers Compensation (c). Former Senator Tom

North Carolina State Auditor Says 52,000 Uninsured For Workers Comp

North Carolina State Auditor Audits Industrial Commission  Beth Woods, CPA the present North Carolina State Auditor issued a rather stinging report on the Industrial Commission’s lack of oversight in the area of uninsureds. Please note this is not counting the micro-companies that have less than 4 employees.  The report pointed

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis – With Political Twist

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis Interesting Conclusion The recent NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis synthesized a very interesting conclusion.   The National Council on Compensation Insurance is based in Boca Raton, FL.  At first glance, along with this article, the NCCI estimated that removal of the Affordable Care Act would likely

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis – Interesting Study

Venerable NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis The  NCCI Affordable Care Act  (ACA) study was taken from their  Workers Comp Update 2016 Fall Edition (page 54 of PDF).  Please note that this is a large file.   If you are working in the Work Comp industry, it may be worth your

California AB 1643 Changes Apportionment For Worse

California AB 1643 Warning Memo From WCAN The new California AB 1643 House Bill has caused  quite a bit of controversy.  WCAN has produced a reminder to contact Governor Brown to veto the bill.   The bill summary is below. Apportionment is basically assigning a permanent disability rating to only the

Workers Comp Math – Where 2 + 2 = 5.36789

A Great Example of Workers Comp Math The crazy world of Workers Comp math has driven many people batty.   Why? Last week, I wrote an article that pointed out no one claim can wreck your  Workers Comp Experience Mod.    A few readers  contacted me in reference to my quote

Cutcompcosts.com Upgrades Articles – Better Readability

Cutcompcosts.com Upgrades Website Access and Readability We at Cutcompcosts.com are now happier campers, so to speak. Two years ago when we switched from Blogger to WordPress, we hired a company to convert the posts.  Unfortunately,  most of the posts ran together and caused accessibility problems for certain companies and individuals.

James J Moore To Conduct Insurance Academy Webinar February 25th

Webinar – Destroy Your Competition Using Workers Comp Loss Runs James J Moore, AIC, MBA, ChFC, ARM founder of J&L Insurance Consultants, J&L Risk Management Consultants, and Cutcompcosts.com will conduct  an Insurance Academy© Webinar on February 25, 2016 at 1:30 PM Eastern Time.   The link to sign up for

Oklahoma Captive Program Grows 572% In Two Years

Oklahoma Captive Program Grows The Oklahoma Captive program added 63 captives in the last two years.   In 2013, Oklahoma had 11 captives.  The explosive growth of captives may be another way that the larger employers looked to reduce costs without going through the opt-out process. The Oklahoma Insurance Department

Temporary Partial Disability – Misunderstood Benefit

Temporary Partial Disability The Workers Compensation benefit Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) is likely one of the more misunderstood benefits.  A quick review  of the three main types of paid disability benefits under WC are: Temporary Total – paid when a workers is completely out of work, usually at 2/3 of

Retroactive and Waiting Periods May Affect Disability Length

Retroactive and Waiting Periods Retroactive and Waiting Periods for Workers Comp temporary total disability (TTD)  are supposed to heavily affect the time that an injured worker stays out of work – or do they?    Yesterday’s article covered if Waiting Periods are actually still valid in today’s world. Most waiting

Is Social Security Disability Affected by WC?

Social Security Disability Does Workers Compensation have an effect on Social Security Disability?  More precisely, do Social Security Disability applications increase when WC payments decrease? This was pointed out in the Work Comp Analysis group on LinkedIn today.  In reading over the study, I was at first very skeptical. The

Work Comp Apps – My Rabbit Hole Journey For Technology

Work Comp Apps – How Many Exist My last foray into the Work Comp Apps for Android was very frustrating  yet indicative of the minimal innovation/technology in this industry. The last attempt to find any useful apps in WC world ended up with a few that were not disguised attorney

Subcontractors And Statutory Employees IRS Publication 15-A

Subcontractors And Statutory Employees Classifying Subcontractors And Statutory Employees can be a difficult task for  any business.  A great publication on employee classification is IRS Publication 15-A (PDF File) along with this IRS webpage. This is not to be confused with classification codes. One of the more informative sections from the

Subcontractors FLSA – Department of Labor v IRS

Department of Labor v IRS – Subcontractors FLSA IRS guide to subcontractors FLSA vs Department of Labor. The FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) was enumerated by the Department of Labor’s (DOL)) interpretation of  recent Supreme Court decisions. We received two emails on Monday with questions on how to determine the

Ohio BWC Premium Refunds Issued For $255 Million

Ohio BWC Premium Refunds Possible The Ohio BWC premium refunds were issued this week to 24,140 overcharged employers across the state.   The Ohio BWC originally had an almost $1 billion ruling to pay for premium overcharges. There are many articles on the situation in this blog. The Ohio BWC

Medical Cost Containment Inventory From 51 Jurisdictions – WCRI

Medical Cost Containment Inventory From 51 Jurisdictions WCRI Releases National Inventory of Medical Cost Containment Initiatives Adopted In 51 Jurisdictions.   Last week, WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute  released an authoritative work on the initiatives adopted nationally. Medical costs have almost become runaway when compared to indemnity costs in most

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Impact on WC Case Shifting – Live WCRI

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Impact on The Future of WC WCRI – Affordable Care Act (ACA) Impact on WC – Case Shifting was presented by Dr. Richard Victor– the outgoing Director of WCRI. A very popular question that WCRI receives very often. Whether or not the Affordable Care Act as a cost

Buzz Around California’s AB 1897 Has Been Amazing

Big Buzz Around California’s AB 1897 and Temporary Employment Agencies   The Buzz around California’s AB 1897. Please note that this article will likely apply to other states than just California.  Senate Bill AB 1897 has caused quite a stir in California. Our California clients have begun to pay attention in

NWCDC Temp Nation – California AB 1897

California AB 1897 Changes The Temporary Employee – Employer Relationship The upcoming effects of California AB 1897 caught me slightly by surprise.  Many states had discussed laws that reinforced the ladder of insurance.   This new statute addressed it directly. I tried to blog live on many of the sessions

Ohio’s BWC Provides 83.5 Moon Roundtrips Overcharging

Ohio’s BWC Provides 83.5 Moon Roundtrips Unsurprisingly, Ohio’s BWC (Bureau of Workers Compensation), a monopolistic state fund,  had  a very scorching court decision rendered against it a few months ago.  Rather than keep appealing the Appeals Court decision, the BWC decided to settle with certain policyholders. If you have not

Shocking Insurance Industry Numbers – 25% Gone By 2018 – Brain Drain?

Insurance Industry Numbers Show 25% Drop In Employment The following are insurance industry numbers that should be very concerning to the insurance world. A very short but chilling article pointed out a few numbers of the upcoming insurance company personnel crisis.  By 2018, 25% of all insurance company personnel will

Top 5 Popular Posts Written For This Blog Over Past Seven Years

Top 5 Popular Posts Written Last 7 years With Links  The top 5 popular posts by click traffic are listed below with the date the article was written. This blog is now seven years old.    I have been attempting to gather the most popular and relevant topics for a future

Top 25 Dangerous Jobs – Highest Injury Rates 2011 and 2012

Top 25 Dangerous Jobs Using BLS Statistics The Top 25 Dangerous Jobs list contained a few surprises.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes many great employment statistics.  When I was searching for the injury rates of the teacher from yesterday’s article, I came across the injury rate rankings of the most dangerous

New Mexico Supreme Court – Bad Decision on Temporary Total Disability

New Mexico Supreme Court Turns TTD into PTD The New Mexico Supreme Court recently ruled that Temporary Total (TTD) can be a permanent disability.  These types of decisions are often not underwritten by the Workers Compensation carrier. As discussed earlier in this blog, the WC insurance process is a delayed system.  The

Shocking Discovery – Workers Compensation Insurance Began 2050 BC

Ancient Sumeria Invented Workers Compensation Insurance The origins of Workers Compensation Insurance is much more ancient than in the early 1900’s.  I had always thought the beginnings of the WC system involved merchant ships or started in Wisconsin. This article from the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development  (DWD)

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Effects on WC – LIVE WCRI

Affordable Care Act – Effect on Workers Comp- LIVE The Effect of Th Affordable Care Act(Obamacare) on WC could be significant. Dr. Richard Victor-  (Will update during presentation until finished) – not edited until final version The effects of ACA on WC are: (could be): Increased demand for medical care Shortage of

Rehabilitation Nurse Second Most Seen Provider By Injured Employees

Injured Employees and Rehabilitation Nurses Work Well Together The second most seen medical provider by injured employees would be the rehabilitation nurse if assigned to the file. Last week, I covered the medical provider that Injured Employees see the most overall. As I have often said, rehabilitation nurses or case managers

Bureau of Labor Statistics Provides Huge Amount of Workers Comp Data

Bureau of Labor Statistics – A Wellspring of Data The Bureau of Labor Statistics  can be found at bls.gov One of the great providers of Workers Compensation data is the Bureau of  Labor Statistics .   One has to know where to look to find the best WC data.   Some

Alabama and Mississippi – Bad Faith Case From Workers Comp Claim

Alabama and Mississippi Bad Faith Springs From WC Claim Alabama and Mississippi had a bad faith case filed from a Workers Comp claim. Adjusters are usually protected from any type of Workers Comp mistake or oversight.  The Exclusive Remedy doctrine has always protected other parties including employers, adjusters, and other

Liability Adjusting Is Part of Workers Compensation Claims

Liability Adjusting Enables Great Workers Comp Adjusting One of the more complex liability adjusting components of  Workers Comp claims is subrogation. Subrogation rears its ugly head (or the lack thereof) on a large percentage of Workers Compensation files.  The percentage referred to is the lack of knowledge by WC adjusters

Construction Dangers Top 4 From OSHA – 35% Due To Falls

Construction Dangers – 35% Due To Falls A report on construction dangers was produced this week by OSHA.  Construction is one of the most expensive groups of classification codes.  This has been the case for many years.  In the early 2000’s some California insurance carriers were charging $170 for every

Florida Reverses Bad TTD Decision Saving Employers $65,000,000

Florida Reverses Bad TTD Decision The State of Florida reverses bad TTD decision saving employers $65,000,000 in Workers Comp payouts. Florida had previously declared the 104 week cap on Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits as unconstitutional.  I had even held it up as an example of how a Workers Comp

California’s Great Insurance Database Of Construction Contractors

California’s Great Insurance Database > CLSB Californians have a great insurance database for construction contractors.  The Contractors State License Board  (CSLB) maintains a great database to see if a contractor has liability insurance.   A homeowner can immediately see if the company working on their home has liability insurance. I have recommended

NCCI Says PEO’s Questionable Reputation Not Deserved

NCCI Says PEO’s Questionable NCCI says PEO’s questionable reputation. PEO’s (Professional Employer Organizations) have long received somewhat of a bad rap from many different sources.  However, we have found them to be extremely helpful in aiding our clients in finding Workers Comp coverage in a difficult insurance market. PEO’s have

Affordable Care Act Mentions Workers Comp How Many Times?

Affordable Care Act Mentions Workers Comp __ Times? I am one of the people that actually read the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) just after it was passed by the House.  The main reason was to see if Workers Comp was affected or mentioned directly in the Act. The searchable PDF

Liability Insurance Premium Audit and Policy Reviews – New Service

Liability Insurance Premium Audit  and Policy Reviews We have been performing Workers Comp policy and Liability Insurance premium audit reviews for many years.  The need for liability audit and policy reviews became very apparent when I attended the NSIPA Conference a few years ago. There a very few, if any companies

Rehab Nurses Risk Management Technique – 16 1/2 Suggestions

Rehab Nurses As a Great Risk Management Technique One of my long-standing Risk Management technique is the prudent use of medical and vocational rehab nurses (also known as case managers).  A great in-field rehab nurse can save thousands if not tens of thousands of reserves and payouts on a file.

Monopolistic Ohio Overcharges Companies $845,000,000

Monopolistic Ohio Overcharges Mega Amount Monopolistic Ohio and its Workers Compensation bureau had been the center of controversy a few years ago with a few questionable investments.  A judge recently ruled that The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) overcharged insureds $845,000,000. The average refund payable per each employer is

Stairstepping Reserves – Two Edged Avoidable Poisonous Sword

Stairstepping Reserves Never Good For Workers Comp The two edged sword of Stairstepping reserves can be one of the most damaging developments to E-Mods or even worse for self insureds/large deductible plans. The basic Workers Comp claims formula is Total Incurred = Paid + Outstanding Reserves.   The Total Incurred

Payroll Audit Increased Policy Cost By 150% – Five Scenarios

Payroll Audit Increased Policy Cost Significantly Below are five scenarios why your payroll audit may have increased policy cost. I received this question earlier this week from a California .  A related question on policy premium is here. We had switched agents and carriers as our company was offered a

Are Workers Comp Payments Taxable?

Workers Comp Benefits Not Taxable In Most Cases Are Workers Comp Payments Taxable In Most States?   We receive many emails each month from employees and employers on this very subject. The tax liability of Workers Comp payments seems to ramp up this time of year when the tax filing

Cutting Workers Comp Costs – About Our Company

Cutting Workers Comp Costs The idea of cutting workers comp costs is the bedrock of our company’s purpose.  Workers Comp costs are increasing every day. J&L Risk Management Consultants was established to aid businesses in reducing these costs through time-proven techniques. These techniques apply to all states and all types

Workers Comp Employment Numbers Show Stability

Workers Comp Employment Numbers Employment numbers for Workers Comp were surprisingly stable over the last few years.  The Insurance Information institute article that I referenced from yesterday’s post on Workers Comp and The Fiscal Cliff  indicated the recent employment numbers for property casualty (P/C) were not diminishing whatsoever. The insurance employment

Possible 75% Savings on Workers Comp Premium From My Studies

Possible 75% Savings – Study Results Below It’s possible to experience a 75% Savings according to the results of my WC studies. Yesterday, I blogged on predictive modeling in Workers Compensation.  I had mentioned there were two studies that I performed in the recent past on a group of 7,000

Workers Comp Statistics – Are They Believable and Trustworthy?

Workers Comp Statistics Come With Many Caveats The Workers Comp statistics production is one area that I have noted a sharp increase in over the last few months. There are so many statistics out there that make no sense; have (very important) an underlying unreported statistic, or relate the obvious

Our Premium Audit Bill Just Arrived And I Have Questions About It

Our Premium Audit Bill Caused Questions Our premium audit bill just arrived. I have questions on how our final bill was calculated and how our Workers Comp policy was written. How do I know if my gut feeling is correct? I received the above question on Saturday. If you have

What Is An Acceptable E-Mod (X-Mod) For My Company?

An Acceptable E-Mod (X-Mod) Usually 1.0 The question is what is an Acceptable E-Mod (X-Mod). The level of questions on XMods/EMods usually increases this time of year. The largest percentage of policies renew on January 1. The rating bureaus such as NCCI usually begin to promulgate and report the E-Mods

E-Mod Changes for 2015 – NCCI Changes The Formula

2015 E-Mod Changes Makes Safety So Important In 2015 more E-Mod Changes were produced by the NCCI. A few weeks ago, I discussed the upcoming changes to the E-Mod calculation and gave an example. I then blogged on what will happen to the E-Mod calculation in 2014. Believe it or

Opioid Abuse In Workers Compensation

Opioid Abuse The growing problem of Opioid abuse in WC. This subject has been covered very well in Mark Wall’s Group on LinkedIn – Work Comp Analysis Group. If you are a member of LinkedIn, I highly recommend joining the group. I cannot link directly to the group as it

EMods XMods Are Available Earlier Than You Think

EMods XMods Are Available Much Earlier Than At Renewal The EMods XMods are Available earlier than the policy renewal date. There seems to be a secretive process on EMod publishing dates. Most companies wait until their agent, NCCI, or State Rating Bureau furnishes a copy. Quite often, the E-Mods (X-Mods

Certificates of Insurance – Earn Workers Comp Savings of $500+ Per Hour

Earn Workers Comp Savings With Certificates of Insurance Workers Comp certificates of insurance can be a great method to earn Workers Comp savings. This was one of my old tag lines in my Workers Compensation presentation. It is easy to do and can save a company or governmental entity large amounts

Self Insured Edition – 5 Ways Workers Compensation Programs Fail

Self Insured Edition – Workers Compensation Program Our readership on the 10 Ways To Tell If Your Workers Compensation Program Is In A Failure Spiral spiked very heavily last week. Some of our self insured clients asked if there were any differences for the self insureds than the regular first dollar

Liability CLaims MSA Reporting Now Due To CMS

Liability Claims MSA Report Now Required By CMS The Liability Claims MSA reports are now due. The data for Workers Comp Medicare Set Asides (WCMSA or MSA) were supposed to be reported to the CMS by January 1, 2010 by insurance carriers, TPA’s or employers. There was a little confusion

Assigned Risk Pool With a .85 E-Mod – How Can This Happen?

Assigned Risk Pool E-Mod With A Low E-Mod The Assigned Risk Pool looks like a failure even with a low E-Mod.  I recently received two calls on a very sore subject with certain groups of employers. One exact question was – How in the world can my company be placed

When Is A Claim Compensable – Each State Has Its Own Inputs

Compensable Claims Are State Specific An injury that meets the statutory qualification standard in a Workers Comp policy. It is the term used when an injured employee is qualified to receive workers compensation benefits. The term compensable also applies to work related illnesses. Each state generates its own level of

Is Vocational Rehabilitation Good For Claim?

Term Of The Day – Vocational Rehabilitation Vocational rehabilitation can include a plethora of services that are offered to injured employees to help them return to work following a work injury. VR may involve transferable skills assessments, educational courses, job search assistance, and many other vocational aids. Vocational rehabilitation is sometimes

Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Permanent Disability?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Painful Condition The condition Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is pressure on the median nerve — the nerve in the wrist that supplies feeling and movement to the “thumb side” of the hand (the palm, thumb, index finger, middle finger, and thumb side of the ring finger). It

Bill Review and Disability Claim Management Very Expensive

Bill Review and Disability Claims Are Very Expensive  Bill Review  and disability claims have come to the forefront as two of the most outrageously expensive costs of Workers Compensation. A huge concern, especially in this economic climate, is that companies cannot survive with exorbitant Workers Compensation claims and disability claims

Temporary Total Disability Period Increases Nationwide

Temporary Total Disability Period Claims In a recent workers compensation study by NCCI , the total disability period for injured workers indicated the Temporary Total Disability (TTD) period had increased sharply over the last three years. I decided to check a few numbers their study produced to see if there

Carpal Tunnel Claims Reduced By Almost 50% – Amazing

Carpal Tunnel NCCI When I was looking over the recent report by NCCI, I noticed an incredible figure on the reduction of a certain type of injury. Their September 2010 report, “Workers Compensation Claim Frequency Continues to Decline in 2009” is a treasure trove of great statistics. The one that

Scooping Ice Cream Results in Compensable Injury

Term Of The Day – Scooping Ice Cream Scooping ice cream can be hazardous? Recently, an employee of an ice cream store had her claim denial reversed and received Workers Comp Benefits for her shoulder injury caused by scooping ice cream in a very busy store. Apparently, it is not

Temporary Total Disability Benefits Important Facet Of WC Claim

Temporary Total Disability Benefits Are Very Important To The Injured Worker Temporary Total Disability is one of the most common terms. in Workers Compensation. The acronym is TTD.  This level of Workers  Comp disability reflects an injury that has rendered the employee completely unable to perform any job functions on



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