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Is Workers Comp Insurance Regressive or Progressive Like Taxes?

Workers Comp Insurance Regressive or Progressive When Compared To Taxes? We received an emailed question this week from a Junior at a local college.  Is Workers Comp insurance regressive or progressive similar to our income tax system?  The student was writing a research paper assessing whether or not workers compensation

Workers Comp Insurance Calendar – Looking At Important Dates

Workers Comp Insurance Calendar – Let’s Look At What/When A J&L blog and newsletter reader asked the question earlier this month – we just renewed so what is our Workers Comp insurance calendar going to look like for 2022 – 2023? Most of the 2,000+ articles I have written come

Do You Know Your Workers Comp Benefits Info – Quiz 2 – Updated

10 Questions on Workers Comp Benefits Info – Test Your Knowledge The great response to the Workers Comp Benefits Info Quiz a few weeks ago made me think – let us do another one cover Workers Comp benefits info.  Remember that certain states may have exceptions.   Each question scores 10

Workers Comp Benefits Quiz – Test Your Knowledge – Updated

Workers Comp Benefits Quiz – 10 Quick Questions – Answered Most of the answers to this workers comp benefits quiz are in the articles that I have written since 2007.  Good luck. The answers will be provided on Monday, August 23rd with an article update.  If there are any questions

Workers Comp Training – One Thing You Cannot Teach Anyone

Workers Comp Training Cannot Touch This One Area Many times,  Workers Comp training can teach someone how to technically perform a task to a level of excellence.  One area that still seems to appear more often frustrates insureds, agents, claimants, or any other person involved in the insurance process from

It’s All About Workers Compensation And How Does It Work

 Knowing About Workers Compensation The Workers Compensation is workmen’s compensation before it changed due to the equality of workers, to make it neutral. Workers’ Compensation is the insurance paid by the company that is paying and providing medical benefits to their employees who are injured or got injured after doing

Workers Comp Rate Setting Calculation – Short Informative Video

A Good Five Minute Workers Comp Rate Setting Calculation Video This workers comp  rate setting calculation video caught my eye last week.  The State of Washington’s L&I produced the video. Washington is a Monopolistic State.  All employers operating in the state must buy insurance through a state agency.  I am

Workers Comp COVID-19 Numbers Are In – Think Again

Workers Comp COVID-19 Numbers – The System Does Not Work That Way Many prognosticators and the press have all rushed to publish or make sense of any Workers Comp COVID-19 numbers including claim counts and rating information. Unless I missed something over the last 30 years, the numbers are like

Workers Compensation Rating System – See You in 18 Months

The Workers Compensation Rating System And Insurance Press – Different Timetables The Workers Compensation Rating System was built as a delayed system.   Why was that statement the first sentence in the article? The Workers Compensation rating system cannot provide immediate data analysis.   NCCI, WCIRB, and the other state rating bureaus

Should Workers Comp Psychological Injuries Count As Claims?

The Complicated World of Workers Comp Psychological Injuries One subject that has long been the bane of claims adjusters is workers’ comp psychological injuries. Earlier this week, I included mention of a session at the upcoming WCRI Annual Conference on mental injuries resulting from an on the job injury.   Please

Workers Comp Centers of Excellence – Exciting New Medical Trend

Workers’ Comp Centers of Excellence Treat The MegaClaims The Workers’ Comp Centers of Excellence may reach beyond just MegaClaims.   Let us look at the definition of a center of excellence. Researching the term uncovered the newness of the term and concept.  According to a recent Risk & Insurance article  even

Workers Comp Insurance Companies Excelled In This Area

Worker’s Comp Insurance Companies Did This One Thing Right The Pennsylvania Workers Comp Rating Bureau recently lambasted two Worker’s Comp insurance companies for misreporting and delayed reporting of policy information.   One of them has verbally threatened me with multiple lawsuits to no avail.  I will not mention names here. I

Workers Compensation Negativity Volcano Erupts On A Daily Basis

Workers Compensation Negativity – What Happened To Positivity? Measuring Workers Comp Negativity remains one of the easiest tasks for bloggers and authors inside and outside of the industry. One has to ask how many times has a reader read an article extolling the virtues of a system that has been

Five Amazing Ways That Workers Comp Insurance Is Unique

Workers Comp Insurance Is Unto Itself Workers Comp Insurance is now one of the more maligned insurance lines.  Other than the Affordable Care Act, much negativity spread quickly throughout the press. Many employers consider WC as a tax of sorts.   Some employers just write the check and let it

Challenge For Workers Compensation Top 10 Areas 2014

Areas of Challenge For Workers Compensation System = Future A very great list of the Top 10 Upcoming Challenge For Workers Compensation was published recently by the Insurance Journal,  Check it out here.  The Top 10 list was (with a quick explanation). BTW, I agree with them wholeheartedly: Wage and

Will New Administration Change Workers Compensation System?

New Administration Changes = Federalization? I have received a few questions since the elections concerning any  new administration changes that may take place. In my opinion, there will not be very many changes as long as each state regulates its Workers Compensation system. I do not think that Workers Comp



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