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Workers’ Comp Program Fixes Come In Three Distinct Stages

Workers’ Comp Program Fixes – Three Areas To Consider Most Workers’ Comp program fixes originate in three areas.   Let’s cover those three in this article. Safety and Risk Management means not having to worry about the next two in this list The exact moment the accident occurs at your company

Workers’ Comp Recession Advice Even As Current Data Says Otherwise

Workers’ Comp Recession Advice – Just In Case Any Workers’ Comp recession advice may give the impression that one is just over the horizon.   The drone attacks on Saudi Arabian oil supplies generated a large amount of press over the last few days.  Oil price spikes usually do not cause,

Workers Comp Policy Info Retention Recommendation

Workers Comp Policy Info Should Be Kept Very Handy The Workers Comp policy info referenced includes: Policies All policy amendments or endorsements Loss Runs – not just not most recent one Premium Audits  Rating Bureau Worksheets  The aforementioned list of information should be retained for at least five years if

Workers Compensation Records Retention Question

Workers Compensation Records Retention The subject of Workers Compensation Records Retention is not as popular pre-2010 for some reason.   We do receive a question on this topic every few months. Workers Compensation mail headaches was covered a few years ago.  I recommend reading that older article. We received the

First Aid Kit For Workers Comp Premium Savings – Seven Items

Workers Compensation Premium First Aid Kit A good Workers Compensation premium first aid kit contains seven main items. One of the most popular questions we receive at presentations, emails, and social media is “How do we fix our Workers Comp situation  now?”   As mentioned often in this blog,  WC

Five Things You Must Do If You Have Workers Comp Career

Five Ways To Survive Your Workers Comp Career Your Workers Comp career changes every year.  Interestingly enough, last week when I included the Five Ways To Prepare For The Death Of Workers Comp in the newsletter, more attention was paid than when I originally wrote the article in 2010.  One

Six Easy Ways To Handle Insurance Mail And Claims

Six Easy Ways To Handle Insurance Incoming Mail and Claims Communications How to Handle Insurance mail and claims comes with six easy steps.   Workers Comp premium audit and other insurance mail along with claims info handling can be a daunting task for an owner. In my last post, I

Insurance Mail Heartburn Starts With Workers Compensation

Insurance Mail Heartburn Including Workers Comp Info The other insurance mail and Workers Comp heartburn  can be fixed with a few internal office adjustments.  Premium audit and other mail from your current or prior insurance carriers can cause you to get out the bottle of antacids. Workers Compensation mail seems

10 Workers Comp Premium Reduction Desktop Items – More On List

Workers Comp Premium Reduction Desktop Items These are the list of workers comp premium reduction desktop items.This post was originally started here. I decided to cover each one of the computer desktop items. I covered #1 here. 2. A status for each of your open claims – may be included

Workers Comp Premium Reduction Top 10 Desktop Items

Workers Comp Premium Reduction – Top 10 Desktop Items I was asked at a recent conference by an owner of a medium-sized business – What do I need to obtain to immediately cause a Workers Comp Premium Reduction or lower reserves? I thought for some time and came up with

Traditional Workers Comp Insurance Policies – There Are Other Choices

Alternatives To Traditional Workers Comp Insurance Policies Many alternatives to the traditional Workers Comp programs are available in today’s insurance marketplace. The trend is when the traditional WC insurance marketplace becomes expensive and employers search much more intensely for alternatives to the regular WC insurance programs. Most carriers do have

Workers Compensation Is Zero Sum Game

WC Is A Zero Sum Game Of Sorts I often advise investment groups when they look to invest in the Workers Compensation market – namely ancillary services such as Medicare Set Asides, Physical Therapy (PT), PBM’s, etc. One motto I have stuck with over the years is the Workers Compensation is

Workers Comp Costs – Six Quick Methods To Start Reduction

Six Quick Methods To Lower Workers Comp Costs (Part I) The Six Workers Comp Costs reduction methods are listed in two articles. My last article post pointed out that there are six ways to save on Workers Comp costs. They are:   1. Filing First Reports of Injury (FROI) Timely

10 Workers Comp Year End Strategies to Cut Comp Costs

Workers Comp Year End Strategies to Cut Comp Costs These are the Workers Comp year end  strategies if your company’s Workers Comp policies renew on January 1, there are at least 10 strategies to implement to cut your costs. The first five are Your E-Mod is already set in stone

Save Workers Comp Premium Dollars – Most Powerful Question to Ask

Fastest Way To Save Workers Comp Premium Dollars What is the one question to ask to quickly save Workers Comp Premium Dollars? The strongest question to ask to take control of your Workers Compensation program is “Why?”. One of our old mottoes is “Stop Just Writing Checks” and ask questions.



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