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Workers Comp Reserve Review

Workers Compensation Reserves Reduction Alternative Mini Guide

Workers Compensation Reserves – Lowering Them Can Be Difficult The Workers Compensation reserves on a file naturally generate controversy.    Why is there so much discussion on them?   How can you have a great conversation with your claims adjusters? A workers compensation claims adjuster’s daily activities include 12 more important

Stairstepping Reserves – Two Edged Avoidable Poisonous Sword

Stairstepping Reserves Never Good For Workers Comp The two edged sword of Stairstepping reserves can be one of the most damaging developments to E-Mods or even worse for self insureds/large deductible plans. The basic Workers Comp claims formula is Total Incurred = Paid + Outstanding Reserves.   The Total Incurred

Your Reserve Review Action Plan – Have You Contacted Adjuster

Reserve Review Action Plan I had posted often over the last few weeks concerning claimx`s review for insureds with a January 1, 2011 renewal date. I even included a schedule of sorts on how to proceed on a Workers Comp reserve review. I used the 1/1/2011 policy renewal date as

Stair Stepping Reserves Bad Effect On Workers Compensation Budget

Stair Stepping Reserves Very Harmful In my last post, I noted the term stair-stepping. This can ruin any Workers Comp budget for a regular or self insured in Workers Compensation. Stair stepping is the total failure of a claims department and their administration – in other words NO EXCUSES. My

Self Insured File Reserve Reviews Important Part of Budget Process

Self Insured File Reserves Need To Be Monitored Reserve reviews for Self insured Files are just as important as ones for companies in the regular voluntary insurance marketplace. We often hear from Self Insureds that the reserves on a file do not matter that much, as it is paid funds

File Premium Reserve Reviews – Differences

Workers Comp File Premium Reserve Reviews Yes, they are all different.  Workers Comp file premium reserve reviews are three very different reviews that we perform for employers I have posted on this issue more than a few times. This is most of what we do for a business. I felt

Worst Case Scenario Workers Compensation Definition

Workers Comp Claims Worst Case Scenario The worst case scenario on your Workers Comp claims. These words send chills through me like no others in anything that deals with Workers’ Comp. I did not like to say them when I was an adjuster long ago, and I do not like to



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