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Reserve Reduction Program

Workers Comp Reserve Reduction Strategy – Critical Last Step

Workers Comp Reserve Reduction Strategy – Do This Last Critical Step Many articles in this blog center around formulating and enacting your workers comp reserve reduction strategy.   We have heard from many article/blog readers -where the anticipated reserve reductions did not tabulate properly. We heard from an agent today with

Premium Audit and Reserve Question – How Often Per Policy Year?

Reserve Question And Premium Audit = Not The Same Thing We received this reserve question earlier this week. I thought I would address it now as there seems to be some confusion on the premium audit and reserving process for Workers Compensation. The emailed question was – How often should

Workers Comp Reserve Reduction Review Plan For Dates Other Than January 1st

Reserve Reduction Plan For E-Mods Workers Comp reserve reduction review plans need to be on schedule.   I have devised a formula for calculating when your reserve or E-Mod reduction plan should begin overall. As I posted last week, you should start three months BEFORE your Unit Stat date. Sound

Workers Comp Reserve Reduction Plan – Is Yours In Place?

Reserve Reduction Plan And The Unistat Date I wrote last week on the timing and deadline for having your Workers Compensation reserve reduction plan in place. If your company has not begun with the plan, you are throwing away Workers Compensation Dollars. If your renewal date is January 1, you

When To Start Your Workers Comp Reserve Reduction Program

Workers Comp Reserve Reduction Program I was going to construct a chart on when your company’s Workers Comp reserve reduction program would need to begin overall. I think that a formula would be easier. For a quick date calculator, try this one. There are two assumptions that have to be

Now You Have Loss Run Online Access-What Do You Do Now

Loss Run Online Access Is Just The Beginning You have online access or you have all of the loss runs – what do you do now? You will mainly be concerned with just the reserving part of the claim for now. One of the important points to remember is that with a



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