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Allocated Expenses

Workers Comp Allocated Expenses – Who Pays For Which Bills?

Workers Comp Allocated Expenses – The Hidden Premium Charges You May Not Owe A long-running debate still exists today on how workers comp allocated expenses are charged to employers’ accounts.  Let us cover the: Definition of the expenses Process of charging the allocated expenses to the employer’s Experience Mod Sources

What Are Allocated Loss Adjustment Expenses( ALAE)?

Term Of The Day – Allocated Loss Adjustment Expenses The Loss Adjustment expenses (ALAE)  can be allocated to the adjustment of a certain claim. Often, you will see this on Workers Compensation claims in the Expense Total Incurred figure. There has been much debate concerning what to include in the

ALAE Allocated Loss Adjustment Expense Definition

Term Of The Day – ALAE ALAE is the acronym for  Allocated Loss Adjustment Expense . In Workers Compensation, there are three areas of reserves and loss payments. They are indemnity, medical, and Allocated Loss Adjustment Expenses or just expenses.   Indemnity benefits are defined very specifically.  The lines between medical and

Allocated Expenses – Very Important and Confusing Definition

 Allocated Expenses-Workers Comp Term of The Day Allocated Expenses (also known as ALAE)  are expenses charged to a Workers Comp term file that are not indemnity or medical benefits. They are associated with the adjusting of the file. Expenses for defending claims such as attorney fees, private investigators, independent medical

Travel and Expense Charges to Reserves (T&E) – Area To Check On

Travel and Expense Charges to Reserves – Controversial Subject Travel and expense charges to reserves creates many questions on how to handle these in the files. There is one set of charges to reserves that employers should be aware of whether self-insured or not. Travel and Expense charges should always

Workers Compensation Expense Reserves Are Often Ignored

Expense Reserves vs. Medical Reserves The third and final reserve figures are the Expense Reserves. These reserves have caused quite a large amount of confusion ever since I started my career in Workers Compensation. The confusion always centered on what should be included in the Expense Reserves vs. Medical Reserves.



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