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Workers Comp Presentation

Workers Comp Video Presentations – 10 Ways To Blow Them Up

Workers Comp Video Presentations And The Dreaded ZZZZ List All of us have survived Workers Comp video presentations over the last 20 months.   Many of them were well done such as the 2021 NCCI Annual Symposium.  Some showed how an ill-prepared group of presenters amplify their mistake of throwing together

Workers Comp Zoom Presentation – Top Four Hard Lessons Learned

Workers Comp Zoom Presentation From Last Week – Lessons Learned My Workers Comp Zoom presentation for the Academy of Insurance last week taught me a few lessons that came from doing a remote presentation.  I had used Microsoft Meetings and Zoom for meetings which had always gone well, or at

Workers Compensation Presentations Kawasaki Technique

Workers Compensation Presentations And The Kawasaki Technique The basis for my current Workers Compensation presentations currently comes from a great book that I read when starting J&L Risk Management Consultants.   The Kawaski presentation technique comes from the great book by Guy Kawasaki – The Art of The Start 2.0. 

NC Mid State Safety Council Conference Presentation

NC Mid State Safety Council Yearly Conference Presentation – I will be doing a presentation on Workers Compensation at the NC Mid State Safety Council Yearly Conference. The conference is on 6/10/08 at the Dennis Wicker Center in Sanford, NC. The conference covers many different areas of safety. The conference

Our Workers Comp Presentations – Blog Reader Question

Question On The Main Subject In Our Workers Comp Presentations I see that you do quite a few Workers Comp presentations. What is the subject that you talk about most and what subject causes the most questions? (A great question). The subject that I speak on Workers Comp about really depends



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