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Large Deductible

Large Deductible Workers Comp Policies – Paying 50% Of Expenses?

Large Deductible Workers Comp Policies May Require 50% Allocated Expense Payment We often perform workers comp policy reviews as part of our premium reduction consultant services.  Large deductible workers comp policies usually have a deductible amount ranging from $100,000 (the minimum) to $5million. The most popular retention level (think car

Workers Compensation Large Deductible Policies Worth It?

Workers Compensation Large Deductible Policies – Are They A Bargain? Are Workers Compensation large deductible policies worth a look for cutting costs?   One great way to start is by going over the definition of these hybrid-types of policies.    The idea to write this article was generated from quite a

Large Deductible Mods Do Exist

Large Deductible Mods Large Deductible Mods do exist even if you have been told otherwise.  Your company may have been informed that once you have a large deductible policy in place, E-Mods are a thing of the past. Your company is still in the E-Mod system. This is one of

Do The Great Premium Deals Really Save Money?

The Great Premium Deals May Not Be Deals After All Do the great workers comp premium  deals really save money? With prices rising (at least for the short-term) in California and other states, the “we can save you a ton of dough on premiums” vendors  are now appearing again on

Large Deductible Program X-Mod (EMod) Surprise For Employers

Employer With Large Deductible In For A Possible Surprise I received a phone call over the recent holiday from a previous client. The company had switched to a large deductible Workers Comp program a few years ago. I did not recommend the program. I had previously thought there were more

Premium Audit For Large Deductible Programs

Large Deductible Programs I had been asked this question three times over the last two weeks. “We have a large deductible programs for our Workers Comp.” Can those policies be audited for overcharges?” The three main questions that I asked were: Did your company pay some type of premium to your

Workers Comp Large Deductibles And Rating Bureaus

Workers Comp Large Deductibles Still Have E-Mod – Shocker The Workers Comp Large Deductibles have always been reported to the rating bureaus.   Reader Question – We have a large deductible. Our Company is basically self insured. We have heard this comment often lately as larger employers seek to control

Large Deductible Programs Can Be Reviewed for Premiuim Overcharges

Large Deductible Programs Reviewable For Premium Recoveries Most Large Deductible Programs were ignored by auditors in the employer premium recovery industry for many years. We often hear from very large companies that they are in a large deductible programs and that examining the Workers Comp Audit (by the insurance carrier)



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