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Declaration Page

Best Workers Comp Policy and Audit Review Tool

Best Workers Comp Policy And Audit Tool Inexpensive One of the best Workers Comp policy and audit review tools is not some type of overly expensive software or app.    The use of a highlighter and a print out of your complete Workers Comp policy will work wonders for examining your

Workers Comp Policy – Reading It Worth Time And Effort

Workers Comp Policy Should Be Read In-house Reading your workers comp policy may not seem really worth your time.  After all, is that not your agent’s job?  Actually, it is your or someone in your company’s unique responsibility.  Nowhere in any WC policy does it instruct or even advise you

Your Workers Comp Dec Page – Know It Or Pay More Premiums

Your Workers Comp Dec Page – Meat Of The Sandwich Your Workers Comp Dec Page – know it or pay more premiums (sometimes a large sum).   In my last post, I summarized the Workers Comp Declarations (Dec) Page. At a bare minimum, you should have the page memorized if



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