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Premium Audit Payroll Figures More Critical Due To COVID-19

Premium Audit Payroll Numbers Now More Important Than Ever Why is the Workers Comp Premium Audit payroll accuracy more important in 2020?  Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic may reach into your premiums more than you or your company may have anticipated. Let us look at the basic components of your Experience

Are Telephonic Payroll Audits Legitimate- Reader Question

Telephonic Payroll Audits Legitimate For Smaller Employers Payroll audits, also known as premium audits can take many forms.  Telephonic payroll audits have gained in popularity for smaller employers.  There are different audit types such as: Telephonic- yes they are legitimate but read on for more info Hybrid Physical Mail-in (Voluntary)

Payroll Audit vs. Workers Comp Policy Renewal Timing Conundrum

Payroll Audit vs. Workers Comp Policy Payroll audit vs Workers Comp policy renewal timing has been a controversial subject for many years.  We received this question last week from an employer with quite a conundrum that happens to almost all Workers Comp policyholders.  The question was: Why does the payroll

Payroll Audit Increased Policy Cost By 150% – Five Scenarios

Payroll Audit Increased Policy Cost Significantly Below are five scenarios why your payroll audit may have increased policy cost. I received this question earlier this week from a California .  A related question on policy premium is here. We had switched agents and carriers as our company was offered a

Payroll and Premium Audit Urgent Question – $85,000 Audit Bill

Urgent Question – Payroll and Premium Audit I received this urgent question on payroll and premium audit at 2 AM. The sender must have been losing sleep over it. We are now with a new carrier. Our Workers Comp Payroll Auditor came into our business four months ago. She went

Davis-Bacon Act Wages Has Effect on Work Comp Payroll Audits

Payroll Audits And Davis-Bacon Act Wages My last post covered what is included in wages for Workers Compensation policies and premium audits. One of the areas mentioned was the Davis-Bacon Act wages. The Davis-Bacon and Related Acts, apply to contractors and subcontractors performing on federally funded or assisted contracts in

Payroll Audits Cover More Than Just Wages For Workers Compensation

Payroll Audits Cover A Long List of Remuneration The payroll audits cover of WC policy. One of the most trying times for a CFO or business owner in the Workers Compensation process is the payroll audit. I had a question posed to me yesterday as to what funds are considered

Payroll Audit Referred To As Premium Audit More Often

Payroll Audit – More Used Term Premium Audit A payroll audit for Workers comp is actually not a fully accurate term. The term also known as a premium audit.  Actually, either term is correct.  A payroll audit may also be called a policy audit.   This blog has provided many

Workers Compensation Payroll Audits Accuracy – Huge Concern

Workers Compensation Payroll Audits Shows Need For Better Forecasting A huge concern for Workers Compensation payroll forecasting shows up very often when we assist employers with their premium audits. I had posted about this situation over the last few weeks. This situation is becoming a very urgent one as companies

Red Flags You May be Overpaying Your Workers Comp Payroll Audit

Your Workers Comp Red Flags Due To Payroll Audit The red flags on your payroll or premium audit cause employers to email us very often. The following is a short list of what we have seen in client files nationwide when we perform audits for employers. After the Audit Has

Payroll Audit Date Most Important Date For Employers Premiums

Your Workers Comp Premiums – Payroll Audit Date The payroll audit date comes around once a year.   This date should be marked on all employer calendars. Your workers comp premiums center around a date that many companies ignore.  In my last post, I pointed out that if your company has

Payroll (Premium Audits) – Mother Of All Workers Comp Budget Busters

Three Types Of Payroll (Premium Audits) Payroll (Premium Audits) – the mother of all Workers Comp budget busters. There are three kinds of Premium Audits – also called Payroll Audits. Usually, the audit is conducted within 60 days after the end of a policy period. There are three types of premium/payroll



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