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Workers Comp Documents

Workers Comp Documents Top Six Best Read on Paper – With Bonus

Workers Comp Documents – Paper Is Best In These Instances Many Workers Comp documents can be left as PDFs in a computer file.   Some documents read better on paper.   This article came about due to the article from two weeks ago on paper files in the age of the small

Premium Auditor – What Information Can They Examine At Audit?

Workers Comp Premium Auditor Can Look At All Records  We often receive this question in a phone call from an employer who has just been through a Workers Comp audit.  The employer is usually frustrated that the insurance company’s premium auditor has asked for so much information. According to your

Records Storage Question From California Reader

Workers Comp Records Storage For Documents Workers Comp records storage tends to be one of the least mentioned subjects. One of my blog readers from California asks how long should records for Workers Comp be stored before being destroyed. My answer actually applies to all states with all types of



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