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Pandemic Workers Comp Claims Spike That Never Happened

Anticipated Pandemic Workers Comp Claims Spike Mystery The Pandemic Workers Comp Claims spike was predicted by most of the industry prognosticators.  The anticipated claims tidal wave seems to have not occurred in the industry.  Let us look at a few valid sources of information. Pandemic Workers Comp Claim Numbers From

Value Based Care and Centers of Excellence Matched Pair for Work Comp

Value-based Care and Centers of Excellence – A Winning Combo for Injured Employee, Employer, Carrier/TPA and Medical Provider If a provider mixes Value-based care and Centers of Excellence, the result may be what Workers Comp has been searching for in the last 40 years.   WCRI hosts a webinar next week

Workers Comp Claims Savings In 7 Words – Written 8 Years Ago

Workers Comp Claims Savings In 7 Words Reprisal – Still True Today The Workers Comp Claims Savings In 7 Words articles were very popular when I wrote them.    As with most things in the WC arena, the seven articles still ring true today.  The basics do not change. Please

Risk Management Mistakes – Silent Top Five In Workers Comp

Silent Risk Management Mistakes Stay Under The Radar  These five silent Risk Management mistakes in Workers Comp never show up on a graph, chart, or in a report.    After all the RIMS buzz this week, I decided to cover the mistakes I have seen in my 27 years in

Workers Comp Savings With Two Hours Of Your Time

Workers Comp Savings in 120 Minutes – One For Company Piggy Bank  A Workers Comp savings plan should not cost hours of your time.  One of the first premium reduction questions that we often receive in inquiries is how can we cut our Workers Comp costs and not spend days/hours/weeks

Are Workers Compensation Costs Just Overhead?

Workers Compensation Costs Should Be Viewed As Variable Do the Workers Compensation costs count as overhead? I have seen this situation many times when reviewing employers’ Workers Compensation situation. The cost of Workers Comp is a budget item that is in the overhead cost (cost of doing business) section of

Workers Comp Supplements – Math Says No In Most Cases

Workers Comp Supplements Can Skew System The Workers Comp supplements paid by employers may not be a good idea.  One of the most popular subjects in WC is employer supplements. This subject seems to come up in risk management meetings and seminars very often. Supplements involve the employer offsetting the

Workers Comp Costs – Easiest Way To Control Act Like Self Insured

Cutting Workers Comp Costs Like A Self Insured Controlling Workers Comp Costs is very important to an employer’s budget.  In one word – a word which has already been used in the last sentence – CONTROL. The more control that your company has over the way that your Workers Compensation



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