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Workers Comp Investments World Buzzing Now – High Activity

Workers Comp Investments Cycle Returns Anew Most Workers Comp investments lie in my wheelhouse.   Analyzing premiums as Workers Comp investments is why I obtained my ChFC instead of a CPCU.   Mark Walls of OutFront ideas is the only other Workers Comp insurance person that examines/analyzes workers comp premiums from the

Hiring an Insurance Consultant Or Any Advisor – 23 Keys

23 keys – Hiring an Insurance Consultant The 23 keys for Hiring an Insurance Consultant are great common sense tools. . I had written a similar article here on hiring insurance consultants. The consultants I am referring to are non-agent consultants. This excludes any type of consultant that may be selling

Bill Review and Disability Claim Management Very Expensive

Bill Review and Disability Claims Are Very Expensive  Bill Review  and disability claims have come to the forefront as two of the most outrageously expensive costs of Workers Compensation. A huge concern, especially in this economic climate, is that companies cannot survive with exorbitant Workers Compensation claims and disability claims

Workers Comp Consultant or Any Type of Advisor – 10 Hiring Reminders

Hiring A Workers Comp Consultant – Reminders Hiring A workers comp consultant or actually any consultant generates quite a few questions.   The full list is here. I decided to split up the list into two posts. Does the consultant also sell the product? What licenses does the consultant possess?

SC Workers Comp Consultant – 10 Takeaways or Questions to Ask

SC Workers Comp Consultant – How To Avoid This Situation These are the 10 takeaways to ask SC Workers Comp Consultant.   This questions have been discussed in the Workers Comp community since the conviction of the South Carolina Workers Comp consultant.   There are a few concerns that any



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