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Workers Comp Recorded Statements – Now A Lost Art?

Whatever Happened to Workers Comp Recorded Statements? Not too long ago, workers comp recorded statements appeared in every file where the injured worker received any type of weekly comp benefits – a mailed check. Workers Comp Recorded Statement Requirements Some of the requirements were: a recorded statement of the injured

Bulk Workers’ Comp Claim Settlements Are Nothing New

How To Set Up Your Own Bulk Workers’  Comp Claim Settlements One of the major retailers published a news release concerning bulk Workers’ Comp claim settlements. The company had found out that many settlements had one or two sticking points that could easily settle by settling some of the “small

Workers Comp Claims Savings In 7 Words – Written 8 Years Ago

Workers Comp Claims Savings In 7 Words Reprisal – Still True Today The Workers Comp Claims Savings In 7 Words articles were very popular when I wrote them.    As with most things in the WC arena, the seven articles still ring true today.  The basics do not change. Please

Workers Comp Claims Guide in 7 Words To Remember

Workers Comp Claims Guide – 7 Words To Remember A Workers comp claims guide can be broken down into seven easy-to-remember words.  I was posting in one of the Workers Comp forums today. I decided to bring over the concept that I posted there earlier today. Let us assume you



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