Audit Preparation

What is Earned But Not Reported (EBNR) – Employers Need to Know

Earned But Not Reported Now A Factor With Premium Audits – Employers Be Wary NCCI’s Barry Lipton, Senior Actuary published a post this morning that I read over three times to absorb the theory of the Earned But Not Reported (EBNR) hangover effect.   You can check out the post here

Workers Comp Audits – Five Effective Ways To Prepare

Five Ways To Prepare For Workers Comp Audits These five Methods For Workers Comp Audits preparation will remove some of the premium audit stress.  If you are a company that is large enough to not self-report your Workers Compensation payroll, you will experience the insurance company audit process. There are

Payroll Audits Preparation In Workers Compensation – Readers Question

Workers Comp Payroll Audits Preparation Made Easier Payroll audits can be stressful. I just received notice that the insurance company auditor is coming in to audit my company’s Workers Comp information. How do I prepare for the audit? What information do I have to provide them? According to your insurance policy,



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