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West Virginia

West Virginia Rates Reduced For 12th Time – NCCI

West Virginia Rates Are Falling Again The West Virginia rates for Workers Compensation have received another reduction recommendation by NCCI.   West Virginia is one of states that decided to covert from a State Fund to an open market for Workers Comp insurance. NCCI has recommended a rate reduction for the

Ohio Appeals Court Decision Start Privatization Conversation?

Ohio Appeals Court Decision  Could Change BWC A recent Ohio Appeals Court Decision against the Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) may possibly start the progression of the state’s monopolistic Workers Compensation system to a free market system.  The court decision is well worth a quick review.  (Pages 5 -7 and

Mississippi Court Indirectly Uses WALSH Jurisdictional Test for WC

Mississippi Court Uses Walsh Jurisdictional Test (Sort Of) Alabama and Mississippi were the two choices for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. (See yesterday’s article on a bad faith case).   The  Court very likely did not use the WALSH jurisdictional test.   However, the results were the same.  I

West Virginia Premium Auditor Charged With Fraud

West Virginia Premium Auditor Colludes With Employer A West Virginia premium auditor who had worked for Brickstreet was charged with fraud.  Brickstreet had taken over the monopolistic West Virginia Fund in 2006.  The auditor had worked for them since day one.   Please note this is no reflection on Brickstreet as

North Carolina Legislature Corrects Workers Comp Privacy Mistakes

Workers Comp Privacy Mistakes Corrected For Now In North Carolina North Carolina’s Workers Comp privacy advocates had a field day earlier this year.   I think the entities that stood to benefit the most was the 30,000+ businesses that still yet today, have no Workers Comp insurance. As you can

West Virginia Risk Pool Is Expanding To Include Workers Comp

Greenbrier County Joins West Virginia Risk Pool  Originally, the West Virginia Risk Pool was created to provide property and liability coverage to its counties all around the state. Recently, though, there is a movement to include Workers Compensation coverage. Formed 3 years ago by just 19 counties, the West Virginia

West Virginia Workers Comp Is Doing Well – For The Most Part

West Virginia WC Doing Much Better The insureds in West Virginia used to keep us busy questioning how their Workers Comp premiums had been calculated. We still have a few WV clients. Commissioner Cline and the West Virginia Insurance Commission are to be congratulated for their efforts.  As I said

West Virginia Workers Comp – Travelers Dominant Carrier

Travelers West Virginia Workers Comp The State of West Virginia added in a new major player to its workers comp market.  I have read a number of recent articles concerning the loss of insureds by Brickstreet over the past few months. Brickstreet had been the monopolistic carrier for West Virginia Workers

West Virginia Workers Compensation After Monopoly

West Virginia Workers Compensation After The Monopoly The West Virginia Workers Compensation system has gone through many abrupt changes. I just returned from a business trip to  Mountain State.  The West Virginia Workers Compensation system was in turmoil for a few years.  West Virginia has just experienced the switch from

West Virginia Employer Calls In Question on E-Mod and Premiums

West Virginia Employer Premium Question We received a call today from West Virginia employer who was inquiring about our services.  The caller was having trouble calculating their Workers Comp premium on their own and was confused on the E-Mod calculations and the premium calculations. One interesting thing the caller said

West Virginia Assigned Risk Pool

West Virginia Assigned Risk Pool Still Exists Employers may be placed in the West Virginia Assigned Risk Pool.  As of 1/1/09,  Brickstreet will have the option to not renew Workers Compensation policies with certain employers. The West Virginia Assigned Risk Pool is where a group of insurance companies will be

More on West Virginia Conference From Last Article

West Virginia Conference – More Thoughts The West Virginia Conference article  from 4/08/08 (continued.) Outside of the Mandolidis decision, I thought that the insurance carriers were very positive about writing Workers Comp coverage in West Virginia. I was interviewed by the Charleston Daily Mail, which is the local newspaper for

Mandolodis Decision and West Virginia Workers Comp Conference

The Mandolodis Decision Part II The Mandolodis decision was discussed heavily at  West Virginia Workers Comp Conference. On 04/08/08 I attended the West Virginia Workers Comp Conference. The Conference is a prelude to the open market for Workers Comp in WV as of 7/1/08. The Mandolodis decision discussion became very

Workers Comp News – West Virginia Wants Oversight Committee

West Virginia Workers Comp News A great Workers Comp news article from West Virginia started a buzz on the newly converted state. I ran across an interesting article recently about one of the states that we have had quite a few clients in – West Virginia. Some of the legislators there

West Virginia Workers Comp Environment Is Changing

Workers Comp Environment Changes The Workers Comp environment is changing in West Virginia.We are now closing in on West Virginia Workers Comp having an open market for Work Comp insurers to write policies as of 7/1/08. I have been asked often about what the market will look like as of



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