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Workers Comp Webinar Technical Difficulties Can Be Avoided

Dry Runs Eliminate Workers Comp Webinar Technical Difficulties Unfortunately, Workers Comp webinar technical difficulties do happen now.  The statistics will catch up with the webinar community.  With so many workers comp webinars being presented, an organization cannot avoid having random technical difficulties. Bill Gates Says Pandemic Provided Opportunities On a

Free Workers Comp Webinar Choices – Which Ones To Watch?

Free Workers Comp Webinar Choices – Many To Choose From – Worth Your Time? Many organizations currently offer free workers comp webinar choices.   Which ones should you check out over the next two months?  Let us check to see which ones charge nothing for the great information. If Your Organization

Workers Comp Webinar Mini-Guide Prep – Other Ideas

Workers Comp Webinars – Other Suggestions I published an article on Workers Comp Webinars and how to have the best online experience two days ago.   The blog readers sent me a few article links.   One similar article I found was great, but then it disappeared from the Google rankings. To

Your Mini-Guide For Workers Comp Webinars – Be Prepared

This Mini-Guide For Workers Comp Webinars Will Save You Headaches Later My IT background made me think of creating a Mini -Guide to Workers Comp Webinars.  You can use this as preparation for attending any webinar.    If you are using a work computer, check with your IT department before

30 Minute Webinars – Trend Of Rushed Presenter

New 30 Minute Webinars Trend – Presenters Rushing Through Information and Slides Most 30 minute webinars sound like a great idea on the screen or paper.   In practice, they seem to be an exercise in rushing. I have listened to three webinars over the last two weeks that were of

James Moore Presenter Insurance Academy Webinar On Adjusters

James Moore Presenter Insurance Academy Webinar – Adjusters J&L Risk Management Consultants founder James Moore will be presenting a very unique and informative webinar on July 14th, 2016. The sponsor of the webinar is The Insurance Journal’s Insurance Academy. The title of the webinar is  “Make the Work Comp Adjuster



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