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Free Workers Comp Study – Best Report on Medical Costs WCRI

Free Workers Comp Study – WCRI Medical Price Index – A Great Reference Tool WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute) released its annual free workers comp study and report on medical prices for the treatment of Workers Compensation injuries. Please see the bottom of this article for the link to the

WCRI Prior Recession Report – The COVID-19 Economic Recovery

WCRI Prior Recession Report Shadows The COVID Economic Situation WCRI Prior Recession Report and COVID comparison  Dr. Savych has published many reports on the post-return-to-work attitudes of injured employees. I received this email today from WCRI.  The report may be worth a look.   WCRI also offers a free medical pricing

WCRI Annual Conference 2020 – Aging Workforce Claims

How Injuries, Claims and Outcomes Change with Age – Dr. Bogdan Savych The age distribution of the workforce is projected to change in the next 10 years. The large cohort of baby boomers will have largely retired, shifting the age distribution toward younger workers. In this session, we will help

WCRI Aging Worker Injury Study versus My Assumptions – Who Wins?

WCRI Aging Worker Injury Study Goes Up Against My Assumptions From Experience Andy over at WCRI was kind enough to provide me with a recent Flash Report to read over.  The WCRI aging Worker injury study covers many of the subjects I have noticed in Workers Comp claim with aging

Breaking – Pharmaceutical Study – WCRI Covers Trends In 27 States

WCRI Pharmaceutical  Study Shows Decreased Use In Almost 27 States WCRI  (Worker’s Compensation Research Institute – Boston, MA_  just released a vast pharmaceutical study that covered trends in 27 states. One of the authors was Dr.  Vennela Thumula.  I have had the pleasure of speaking with her at length concerning

High Health Insurance Deductibles Cause Case Shifting – WCRI Study

Larger Health Insurance Deductibles Cause Employees To Use  Workers Comp The health insurance deductibles have been raised over the past few years.  One reason could be the Obamacare Federal and State Insurance Exchange insurance carriers wish to negate the effect of having to insure all-comers with pre-existing conditions. A recent

WCRI Chart ASCs vs. Hospitals Shows Interesting 18 State Comparison

WCRI Chart On ASC Studies Shows Need For Fee Schedules in Workers Compensation A recent WCRI Chart (Workers Compensation Research Institute) pointed out a hidden result that was picked up at least partially by a few bloggers.  The chart below comes from a study the WCRI released on November 25th.

Two Great Workers Compensation Guides WCRI – Benchmarks RXs

WCRI Releases Two Great Workers Compensation Guides in October Workers Compensation Guides by WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute) were released in October.  The ones that caught my eye were the two below.   The Benchmark study can be broken up by state if you do not wish to download the report

Workers Compensation Medical Treatment Lag Time – WCRI

WCRI – Time From  First Injury To Workers Compensation Medical Treatment – Comparison Across 18 States Most Workers Compensation medical treatment foretells how a claim will progress over its lifetime.  One of My Six Keys To Saving  on Workers Comp claims involves having a preset medical network in place. The

Workers Comp Attorney Involvement 400% Variation Between States

Workers Comp Attorney Involvement Varies Widely Between 18 States – WCRI The Workers Comp Attorney involvement rates vary wildly between the states that WCRI studied in a recently released report. This topic wowed the press and audience at the recent WCRI Annual Conference just this last March.   The press

ACA Repeal Could Lead To More Workers Comp Case Shifting

Will ACA Repeal (Affordable Care Act) Cause Case Shifting to WC? The drumbeat for ACA repeal  has grown much louder with the new administration just around the corner.   This article on the new demands to keep Obamacare alive was an interesting angle from the health insurance sector. Please read

Work Comp Outpatient Hospital Charges – WCRI Exposes Myth

States Vary Greatly in Work Comp Outpatient Hospital Charges – WCRI The Work Comp outpatient hospital charges for even a minor procedure have become very expensive over the last 10 years. The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) released a study today which indicates great variability between states and with the

Work Comp Laws For All 50 States And Canada – WCRI IAIABC

Work Comp Laws The Work Comp Laws for all 50 states and Canada used to be provided by the US Chamber of Commerce.   I remember their manual as always being slightly out of date.   However, it was a great summary to have on hand if you were handling or administering

Medical Cost Containment Inventory From 51 Jurisdictions – WCRI

Medical Cost Containment Inventory From 51 Jurisdictions WCRI Releases National Inventory of Medical Cost Containment Initiatives Adopted In 51 Jurisdictions.   Last week, WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute  released an authoritative work on the initiatives adopted nationally. Medical costs have almost become runaway when compared to indemnity costs in most

WCRI Study – Louisiana New York Have Highest WC Opioid Use

WCRI Study Oklahoma recently enacted new rules for opioid use as 8% of the general population were long term users of painkillers.   WCRI recently performed a startling study on Workers Compensation opioid use which indicated that Louisiana and New York injured workers were ingesting massive amounts of opioids.  

WCRI – How Economy Drives Financial Performance of WC – Live

Economy Drives Work Comp Success – WCRI A great presentation on how the Economy Drives the financial performance of WC. .Dr. Harry Shuford from NCCI –  One of the best presentations so far at this conference.   This was great data analyses.  He should have been given longer than 30

Health Insurance Less Expensive Than Workers Comp For Medical Treatment

WCRI Study – Health Insurance Medical Treatment More Economical Than Workers Comp The health insurance vs Workers Comp medical treatment costs have long been a concern for employers, carriers, and TPA’s.  Medical costs for Workers Compensation claims have always been seen as very expensive when compared to Health Insurance.  WCRI

Texas Workers Comp Payments Decrease Due To Reforms

Texas Workers Comp Payments Are Lowering  The state of Texas workers comp payouts decreased for the first time in years.  According to WCRI,  the payments decreased overall by 4%.  This is a very large one year decrease in the current Workers Comp environment.   Texas enacted a large group of

North Carolina Workers Comp – Shocker!

WCRI North Carolina Workers Comp The North Carolina Workers Comp paid per claim figures astonished many in the workers comp community.   When I first read the conclusion of a study published by The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI), I thought there must be a mistake. For many years, Workers Comp



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