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WALSH WC Jurisdiction Choice

WALSH Jurisdiction Test Applied By South Dakota Supreme Court

South Dakota Supreme Court Applies WALSH Jurisdiction Test To Injured Trucker The South Dakota Supreme Court recently covered the WALSH Jurisdiction Test for jurisdiction in a recent decision.   Let us look at the five factors of this test and how they were applied in this case. I first saw this

WALSH Test For Jurisdiction Appears Again in North Carolina

North Carolina WALSH Test For Jurisdiction The WALSH test for jurisdiction in Work Comp claims has shown itself in a North Carolina Court of Appeals case.   I was taught this very important test when I was an adjuster trainee  some time ago for a major carrier. I find it amazing

WALSH Jurisdiction Test – North Carolina Court Of Appeals

North Carolina Court of Appeals and the WALSH Jurisdiction Test The WALSH Jurisdiction Test for Workers Compensation has always seemed to work when multi-jurisdictions (states) are involved in a claim.  One of the most recent cases concerning the WALSH Jurisdictional test occurred in North Carolina at the appellate level. If

Mississippi Court Indirectly Uses WALSH Jurisdictional Test for WC

Mississippi Court Uses Walsh Jurisdictional Test (Sort Of) Alabama and Mississippi were the two choices for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. (See yesterday’s article on a bad faith case).   The  Court very likely did not use the WALSH jurisdictional test.   However, the results were the same.  I

Alabama and Mississippi – Bad Faith Case From Workers Comp Claim

Alabama and Mississippi Bad Faith Springs From WC Claim Alabama and Mississippi had a bad faith case filed from a Workers Comp claim. Adjusters are usually protected from any type of Workers Comp mistake or oversight.  The Exclusive Remedy doctrine has always protected other parties including employers, adjusters, and other

Employee Had Accident In State With No Coverage

Conundrum – Accident In State With No Coverage An employee has an Accident In State with no coverage under the workers comp policy (uh-oh).  Yesterday, we had a case of an employer in a non-coverage conundrum due to an employee being injured out-of-state. Would the AZ Workers Comp carrier pay

Walsh Test Coverage For Employees Working In Multiple States

Employees Working In Multiple States May Need Multiple State Coverage Employees that are working in multiple states need to have coverage for more than just one state.  Even though the Walsh Test can identify what state has jurisdiction, each state can have peculiarities to their laws.    For instance, in

Five Tests for Jurisdiction WALSH Revisited – Which State Applies

State Jurisdiction WALSH Revisited The revisited test of jurisdiction WALSH consists of five tests.  I was just reading a news flash on a Workers Comp decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Court. If I am reading it properly, an employee who was injured 23 years ago is now able to claim

Multi-Jurisdictions Best Test Is WALSH For Workers Compensation Claims

WALSH Best Test When Multi-Jurisdictions Involved WALSH is best test for multi-jurisdictions of workers comp. I have posted on this subject in the past. I thought it would be good to revisit the subject after I read about a Tennessee employer that tried to have North Carolina apply Tennessee subrogation

WALSH Test – Five Tests For Workers Comp Jurisdiction

Five Tests For Workers Comp Jurisdiction – WALSH Test The WALSH Test almost never fails to choose the correct state jurisdiction for a claim.  As I posted last time, Mr. Walsh is going to help us out with Workers Comp jurisdiction. See my last post for the original question. I



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