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How Long Would Workers Compensation Survive Like This???

Could Workers Compensation Survive With High Overpayments? Today, I was wondering how long would Workers Compensation survive when examining the following situation. The process of Workers Compensation is going to always involve claim over-payments. Any time that I hear “We have X, Y & Z process in place to not overpay

Independent Medical Exams (IME) – Great Article On Basics

Independent Medical Exams (IME) Workers Comp Independent Medical Exams (IME’s) can be a great risk management technique when used properly.  IME’s are worth the time and cost in certain circumstances. The  final diagnosis and medical opinion by the IME physician may often agree with the current medical treatment and future

What Makes Great Workers Compensation Marketer?

Workers Compensation Marketer Characteristics A great Workers compensation marketer never seems hard to find unless the marketing is in-person.   Workers Compensation marketing has become what one may think is much easier with LinkedIn. Facebook, Google+ and the other social networks.  After all,  a marketer can cover many clients with

When Workers Comp Carriers Go Bad ? There’s Fund For That

Workers Comp Carriers Does the Workers Comp carriers go bad? Bankrupt companies and insolvent insurance carriers are part of doing business nowadays in the world of property/casualty insurance.  There are many reasons for this even though the “economy” is often blamed for every downturn.    Insolvent insurance carriers are usually

Self Insureds – Do You Know If Your Excess Insurer Has Been Notified?

Self Insureds Need To Monitor Excess or Reinsurer Notification Do you know if your self insureds has been notified? Workers Compensation excess insurance (reinsurance) can often go unnoticed in all the inner workings as a file progresses towards its conclusion.   A reinsurer denying coverage because they were never put

Workers Comp Self Insureds – Five New Years Resolutions

Workers Comp Self Insureds – Great Way To Start The Work Comp New Year Five new years resolutions for Workers Comp Self Insureds are listed below.  .When talking about Workers Comp premiums, self insureds are often left out in the cold.  Self insureds do not pay premiums for Workers Comp.

Pennsylvania Risk Manager Pockets $490,000

Pennsylvania Risk Manager Bills His Own Employer A central Pennsylvania county Risk Manager is able to illegally bill his own employer – Dauphin County – twelve times over five years.  The amount of money that was embezzled was a staggering $490,000.  The most amazing conclusion was that no one checked on

Workers Comp Claims Adjusting Services – Getting The Best Deal

WC Claims Adjusting Services The Claims adjusting services can be found with an RFP  for Workers Comp services. This is one of the “touchiest” subjects in Workers Comp right now with employers and governmental agencies. Risk Managers, company owners, CFO’s, and anyone in charge of their company’s Workers Compensation program are

TPAs Under Pressure Due To Recession’s Effect on Claim Numbers

Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) Feel Recession Pinch Should TPAs handle more with less? In our claims reviews for employers, we have noticed an interesting scenario developing recently. One area that many insurance personnel and analysts overlook is the increased internal pressure on a TPA’s claims staff.  In a recession, the number of



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