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Buzz Around California’s AB 1897 Has Been Amazing

Big Buzz Around California’s AB 1897 and Temporary Employment Agencies   The Buzz around California’s AB 1897. Please note that this article will likely apply to other states than just California.  Senate Bill AB 1897 has caused quite a stir in California. Our California clients have begun to pay attention in

Safety and EMods – Highlights From My Presentation From Today

Presentation Highlights – Safety and EMods Are Very Related How Safety and EMods intermingle was the basis for most of the highlights from my presentation. The NC Mid State Safety Council was kind enough to ask me to do a presentation on how safety programs impact an employer’s bottom line from

Temporary Agencies and Your Workers Compensation

Temporary Agencies vs. Workers Comp Temporary agencies or temp agencies have long affected the WC rating system. Another of the major concerns when I spoke at the NC Mid-State Safety Council quarterly meeting was temporary agencies. The three main concerns I have with temp agencies are: In the past temporary



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