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Workers Comp Tech Advancement Found At WCI Orlando Conference

Workers Comp Tech Advancement – New Way To Heal Injuries One of the themes that I write about when attending conferences comes from visiting the vendor area.  The search for any type of workers comp tech advancement left me without articles to write in some of the years.   The best

Workers Comp Technology Found At 2018 NWCDC Conference

Workers Comp Technology – Found 1.5 Vendors At The Big Brouhaha Most Workers Comp Technology equates the proverbial needle in the haystack euphemism.  Yesterday, I walked through all of the booths at the NWCDC Conference.  Yes, it was eight hours of the same things that I saw at the first

Workers Compensation Industry – Lagging In Technology

Workers Compensation Industry – Lags in Tech The Workers Compensation industry seems to be very far behind in any type of technological advancement.    Last year, I decided to explore what Android Apps were available for the Workers Compensation industry.  Six months ago, the same search was repeated in the

Giving Thanks For Workers Compensation System That Feed Us

Giving Thanks To The System That Feeds Us This is my giving thanks for Workers Compensation. Workers Compensation with all of  its trials and tribulations is sometimes overlooked for fueling a very large industry – insurance services.   We analyze Workers Comp to the nth degree on a claim-by-claim basis



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