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Workers Comp Subrogation Claim – Very Old Reserves Still Open

Very Old Workers Comp Subrogation Claim – Loss Run Says Open – Why? A new blog and newsletter reader asked this question last week after reviewing their Loss Runs – we have a very old workers comp subrogation claim open after seven years – will that affect our Experience Mod

Workers Comp Liability Subrogation – Vehicle Accident Steps

Workers Comp Liability Subrogation – Seven Steps For Vehicles What Is Workers Comp Liability Subrogation for auto accidents?  Let us take an example I have on my screen in front of me. The insured employers and adjusters working on this together allow for quicker recoveries from any third party in

Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement – Excellent Analysis Chart

Misunderstood Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement – Why You Should Read Your Workers Comp Policy The Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement appears in almost all workers’ comp policies.   Almost all workers’ comp personnel and insureds do not ever read any policies.  Who wants to read 40 pages of droning on when the

Subrogation Letter Is Just First Step in Recovering Workers Comp Funds

The Subrogation Letter Should Not Be Solely Relied Upon To Recover Workers Comp Payouts A quick subrogation letter remains one of the stalwarts in recovering workers compensation funds back to a file whenever there is a responsible 3rd party involved in a Workers Comp accident. The best example is an

North Carolina Work Comp Subrogation Takes Weird Turn

North Carolina Work Comp Subrogation Re-re-reverses Course The subject of North Carolina Work Comp subrogation has frustrated carrier and Third Party Administrator claims staffs over the years.   This case could be a model for changing subrogation laws in other states – possibly. One of my concerns is that Workers Comp

Liability Adjusting Is Part of Workers Compensation Claims

Liability Adjusting Enables Great Workers Comp Adjusting One of the more complex liability adjusting components of  Workers Comp claims is subrogation. Subrogation rears its ugly head (or the lack thereof) on a large percentage of Workers Compensation files.  The percentage referred to is the lack of knowledge by WC adjusters

Workers Comp Reserve Reviews And Subrogation – Three Concerns

Workers Comp Reserve Reviews And Subrogation Our Workers Comp Reserve reviews uncover many concerns on claims handling.  Subrogation refers to an insurance company seeking reimbursement from the person or entity legally responsible for an accident after the insurer has paid out money on behalf of its insured. In Workers Compensation,

NCCI Report On Auto Accidents Has Interesting Subrogation Numbers

Auto Accidents Report Has Interesting Side Statistics The NCCI report on Auto accidents. NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) is the largest rating bureau in the nation.  Their statistics cover 21 or more states.   One of most dangerous places to work is in your automobile according to their report.

Waiver Of Subrogation – Very Popular Term in Workers Compensation

Term Of the Day – Waiver Of Subrogation The WC term of the day waiver of subrogation clause is very popular in insurance policies and rental agreements. This type of waiver is when one party gives up the right to pursue another third party for paid damages if the third

Subrogation – Where Did The Money Go – Can You Still Get It Back?

Where Did The Money Go – Subrogation Bleeds Work Comp Funds Where did the money go with your subrogation?  I have posted on this subject often such as in this article. Workers Comp subrogation seems to be one of those subjects that is passed over often. Self-insureds need to be

Does Workers Compensation Subrogation Exist- Is it Worth Pursuing?

 Workers Compensation Subrogation Can Be Money Left On The Table Does Workers Comp subrogation exist in Workers Comp claim department?  Subrogation is one of those under- the-radar terms in Workers Compensation.   It is the  act of recovering the amount paid for a loss by an insurer from the entity

Workers Comp Subrogation – Risk Management Diary Recommendation

Risk Management Diary For Workers Comp Subrogation The Workers Comp Subrogation  handlers should have a risk management diary.   A few posts ago I analyzed the Workers Compensation adjuster situation in handling third party liability claims. In defense of the Workers Comp adjuster, a requirement for the job is NOT

Subrogation – Workers Comp Money Left On Table

Workers Comp Money – Subrogation Concerns Sometimes Subrogation turns into the Workers Comp money left on the table. I have covered subrogation a few times in prior posts. I am bringing it up again due to our recent Workers Comp file reviews. One area that we have noticed a lack

Subrogation – Mystery Workers Comp Premium Refund

Subrogation – The Silent Workers Comp Premium Refund A Workers Comp premium refund that no one talks about is subrogation.  I have posted on subrogation in the past.  I would re-post the standard definition for subrogation, but it is one of the most confusing definitions in all of Workers Compensation.

Subrogation – Under The Radar in Workers Comp Claim Reviews

Subrogation Not On Radar Screens In Work Comp Files The topic of subrogation is one of the most misunderstood areas in insurance, and especially Workers Compensation, that we see costing insureds millions of dollars a year. Subrogation: Prevents the insured from collecting loss payments from his or her own insurer

Work Comp Subrogation – Third Concern When Ignored By Adjusting Staff

Work Comp Subrogation Additional Concern Work Comp subrogation has a kind of quirky standard definition. To me, it is the possibility of another party having to share the monetary responsibility of an insured incident or accident. I give the example in my manual of a company salesperson on sales calls

Will Workers Comp Funds Recovered Lower Our Mod?

Will A Workers Comp Funds Recovered Lower Our Mod Will a workers comp funds recovered lower our Mod this year? This question was emailed in from a blog reader from Virginia.  The rest of the employer’s question pointed out that the file was six years old. The answer to the



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