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Statutory employees

Statutory Employment Rears Its Ugly Head In Two States – Part I

Statutory Employment Shocker – Part I Statutory Employment rears its ugly head in two states this week.  Statutory employees were really one of those under the radar subjects in Workers Compensation. South Carolina deemed a contractor as a statutory employee a few years ago. The subject seemed to not come up

Statutory Employees Examples For Our Readers From IRS

Statutory Employees – Hybrid Classification  Statutory employees produce many questions from client and article readers.  Workers who are independent contractors under the common law rules, may be considered employees by statute (statutory employees) for some employment purposes. To qualify, they must fall under any one of the following categories and

Statutory Employees vs. Subcontractors – IRS Has Best Basic Definitions

Statutory Employees vs. Subcontractors – IRS Has Best Advice I have received a large number of emails since the last time that I posted on Statutory Employees. I first posted on statutory employees after a South Carolina Supreme Court decision separated the employment status of statutory employees and subcontractors. There seems

Who Is Considered Statutory Employee Under Workers Compensation?

Statutory Employee – IRS Defines The Term Well Who is a statutory employee under Workers Comp? I recently received a question on our post regarding the South Carolina employee being ruled an employee. I rarely copy from another website, but this is very important and I do not want to



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