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Workers Compensation Accident MVA Spike and Smartphone Use

MVA Workers Compensation Accident Increase Possibly Linked To Smartphones The Workers Compensation accident increase reports are a thing of the past. All of us know that on-the-job accidents have decreased significantly over the last few years.   The one constant in these reports is the lack of a root cause. Why

Accident Curve And Natural Disasters – Spike in Workers Comp Claims

Accident Curve And Natural Disasters The accident curve measures the accident rate lessening per unit of  work time.   The concept has been debated over time.   A search far and wide located a 1916 text that actually addressed this issue very well.  Please see the last two sets of

Workers Comp Accident Rates Affected By Spring Forward

Workers Comp Accident Rates Do Spring Forward Do Workers Comp Accident Rates twice per year?  According to a recent article I came across- not necessarily. The one hour time change in the fall has no effect on accident rates.   The springtime “ides of March” time change does lead to



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