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Workers Comp Combined Ratio Means Market Extremely Healthy

Workers Comp Combined Ratio Questions Asked By Readers Over The Last Week Workers Comp Combined Ratio remained a hot topic from last year.   Last week, at the NCCI Virginia State Advisory Conference, the Workers Comp Combined Ratio stunned the audience, and even the NCCI presenters. Last year, the level was

Combined Ratio South Carolina NCCI Advisory Forum Shocker

 US Combined Ratio Falls Even Further to Historic Lows US Combined Ratio Results The US had its best Combined Ratio last year since the 1950s and is improving even more.  The current Combined ratio is .89 nationwide. I first heard about the incredibly low ratio at NCCI’s Virginia Advisory Meeting in

NCCI Virginia Advisory Forum 2018 – Shocking Nationwide Statistics

Shocking Results at NCCI Virginia Advisory Forum – All Good The NCCI Virginia Advisory Forum showed a strong Workers Comp market.   The strong market is not surprising.   The strength of the nationwide market was astounding. I attended the NCCI Virginia Advisory Forum in Richmond yesterday.  North Carolina has it own

Workers Comp Statistic Combined Ratio Best In 50 Years – NCCI

NCCI Workers Comp Statistic Combined Ratio Smoking One workers comp statistic stood out the August 3rd NCCI Virginia State Advisory Forum.  Actually, it exceeded even my positive outlook for the Workers Compensation market health. The Combined Ratio performed even better than last year in the overall market.    Last year

Work Comp Combined Ratio Under 100 – First Time In Eight Years

Work Comp Combined Ratio Under 100 The subject of Work Comp Combined Ratio seems to be appearing more in the insurance press lately.   I was unable to attend the NCCI Annual Issues Symposium.  However, I did make it to their data conference in March of this year. One of the better



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